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Yes, yes, yes! It is that time sports fans! The NFL season is upon us and once again we will be taking on the Sports Guy and Peter King making picks week after week. Okay, so we didn't fare all that well last year after a pretty good start, but we're ready to roll this year. You can believe that. We piled over charts and magazines and websites to get all the info and data needed to make educated picks. Okay, so we actually piled over plates of nachos, chicken wings and cheese, but more or less the same thing. So here we go.

Now let me just start by saying Week 1 may be the hardest week to predict, because all you've got is what everyone looks like on paper, and really almost anything can happen in the NFL. That being said here we go:

BRONCOS @ BILLS- Here's the thing, the Broncos seem to come out flat every year and play like horse doo-doo in the opener. And to tell you the truth I don't see any changes in the pattern this year, as JP Losman, Marshawn Lynch and Lee Evans will show the Broncos what for. I wonder how the crowd in Buffalo will "greet" Travis Henry? I'm guessing they won't be handing him a 'Welcome Back" fruit basket. Bills 28-24

STEELERS @ BROWNS- The Seelers are giving Ben Roethlisberger a little more freedom at the line of scrimmage. Whether this is good or bad, we do not know? What we do know is the Browns are feisty and will be right in this game, but Charlie Frye just won't have enough to pull this one out. The question is will there be "We want Brady chants?" emanating from the Dawg Pound? Steelers 24-14

PANTHERS @ RAMS- This was one of those tough call games. Most people think the Rammers will take this, as the Panthers will probably be less predictable than Andy Dick this season. Andy Dick? Really? Okay so that was weakish, but give me a break, it's Week One. For some reason I think the Cats win on the road and I will dig a pretty big hole for myself in this pick-off. Panthers 27-24

FALCONS @ VIKINGS- Egads! This is another tough one, folks. It's too, too, too easy to dismiss the Falcons just cause they're without Michael Vick. While that's a crushing blow sure, don't forget Joey Harrington is capable and Jerious Norwood is due to break out (at least I hope so, for my fantasy football team's sake, anyways). Plus I'm about as confident in Tavaris Jackson as I am in, um, something I have very little confidence in. Falcons 21-17

PATRIOTS @ JETS- As a Patriots fan it was gut wrenching to make this one of my upsets week, but I just have a hunch the Pats are headed for an 0-1 start. And let me just say, it's not cause they're without Harrison or Seymour, although that doesn't help. I just think it will happen, so there! Jets 31-27

DOLPHINS @ REDSKINS- About all the Dolphins have going for them is their defense, and a chance for the #1 Draft pick come spring. I'm not saying the 'Skins are good, cause they probably aren't, but on this day they're good enough. 'Skins 20-10

TITANS @ JAGUARS- Too many people are picking the Titans to "upset" the Jags this week. It's annoying. If it's that obvious to so many, then how come the Jags are almost a touchdown favorite.? Vince Young'll be shaky against a still very strong defense, while Maurice Jones-Drew gets 200 combined yards as the Jags get off on the right foot. Jaguars 17-13

CHIEFS @ TEXANS- Seems like the Chiefs have become the whipping boys of the media "pundits", while I'm still trying to figure out how they made the playoffs last year? Larry Johnson is still good, but those 700 carries he had last year are bound to take a toll at some point. Matt Schaub 18-25, 325 yards, 3TDs. Houston 28-27

EAGLES @ PACKERS- The Packers are one of my "sleeper-ish" teams this season, and I think they will show every one why in this game. The Eagles are still good, but they may just , like so many others this year, underestimate the Pack. While both defenses are pretty solid, we should still see some points oin this one. That's right, I am predicting it won't end in a 0-0 tie! Packers 24-20

LIONS @ RAIDERS- Kitna's MVP season starts here, when he torches a surprisingly good Raiders defense for 4TDs and 450 yards. Okay, so maybe that won't happen, but the Lions will win this, mark my words! All hail Kitna! Lions 28-21

- LT against Urlacher and the Bears defense? Lookout! This would be a better game if Rex "and Balances" Grossman was good enough to beat the Bolts' defense. Chargers 24-13

BUCCANEERS @ SEAHAWKS- Okay, Seattle has no excuses right now, with a pretty much healthy squad. I mean, they made the 'Offs while missing both Shaun Alexander and Timmy Hasselback's bro for a good chuck of games last season. Couple that with the fact that Tampa Bay seems to be, well, not good, and you get a good old-fashioned butt whooping. Seahawks 34-13

GIANTS @ DALLAS- Oh good more reason for Tiki to be focusing his words and ire on Tom Coughlin and the G-men. Well, suffice it to say, I don't think much of the Giants or Tom Coughlin, but with Tiki, Strahan, and Shockey, I somehow feel sympathetic to the coach. Not enough to pick 'em to win, that's just foolish. Big D plays some Big "D", down in Big D and the 'Boys cruise. Cowboys 31-14

RAVENS @ BENGALS- A good defense beats a good offense, right? We think so. In fact we think this so much so, that we've beched Carson "Heisman" Palmer on our fantasy squad for week one. Which of course means he'll probably light up the Ravens for like 7 touchdowns or something. But, no, we are gonna stick to our guns! Ravens 9-7

CARDINALS @ 49ERS- The 49ers are another sleeper pick of mine (sorry 'Zona), and, well, just about everyone else. Frank Gore should run wild in this one, this won't be as close as many think. I think, anyways. Niners 35-17

Alright there's your week one predictions and since our AFC Preview is not quite ready yet, we are gonna just tack on our predictions without the added verbage, here. But don't be alarmed, the wordy preview will be coming, hopefully sometime before Week 2. We hope anyways. But here's our predicted AFC standings:

New England 13-3
New York 10-6
Buffalo 7-9
Miami 3-13

Baltimore 12-4
Cincinnati 8-8
Pittsburgh 8-8
Cleveland 5-11

Indianapolis (duh?) 13-3
Tennessee 8-8
Jacksonville 7-9
Houston 5-11

San Diego (bold, eh?) 14-2
Denver 10-6
Oakland 5-11
Kansas City 4-12

Enjoy the games!

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