Saturday, October 20, 2007


Here are your week seven picks:

CARDINALS @ REDSKINS: The 'Skins defense has looked solid, I guess? I say "I guess" because I haven't actually seen them play anyone games, but statistically they've looked solid. Add that with the fact one more quarterback injury in 'Zona means Neil Lomax is getting the call, carry the one and you get a Washington victory 24-12.

FALCONS @ SAINTS: N'awlins actually showed signs of life in week six. Sure it was against the ever inconsistent Seahawks, but nevertheless. Now see this would've been a good Monday or Sunday nighter, when looking at the schedule last February, now, not so much. Well if the Saints can carry some momentum from last week they should roll. Although they'll have to do it against the mighty Byron Leftwich. Hmm, I'm still seeing a Saints victory 21-14.

RAVENS @ BILLS: The biggest question this week, was not who would start at QB for the Bills, but rather, would Willis McGahee be able to scare up enough tickets for all his babies' mamas? Bills 21-20.

VIKINGS @ COWBOYS: Considering Kevin Faulk seemed to run with ease against the 'Boys, imagine what Adrian Petersen can do. Too bad for the Vikes, the Cowboys offense is just a shade better than the Bears'. Cowboys 27-14.

PATRIOTS @ DOLPHINS: This could be the upset of the season. It won't be, but sometimes it's fun to imagine things like that. Patriots 38-9

49ers @ GIANTS: If this were the late 80s, this would be the matchup of the week. But there's no Tom Rathman or Phil McConkey involved in this one folks. Doesn't mean it won't be a good game. Trent Dilfer starting at QB means it won't be a good game. Giants 31-10.

BUCCANEERS @ LIONS: A well rested Kitna? That spells trouble for everyone involved, right there. Made up insider note: The Bucs are trying to lure Eric Rhett out of retirement to backup Michael Bennett. But that's only after James Wilder stopped returning there calls. I say they go after Touchdown Tommy Vardell. Am I right or am I right? Lions 17-16.

TITANS @ TEXANS: The Texans seem to be fading a bit and will be without Andre Johnson once again, so that can't help their cause. But, Vince Young may not start for the Titans, so who knows what's gonna happen? Just the government probably, since they actually had this game played months ago in an underground sound stage in New Mexico. Just kidding. Or am I? Titans 21-17.

CHIEFS @ RAIDERS: The Chiefs have really turned this season around, and believe it or not , are in first place in the AFC West. Plus they may have Priest Holmes back in action. While this one just screams Raiders victory, I'm thinking the Chiefs take it 17-13.

JETS @ BENGALS: A couple of teams with high preseason expectations, that have just not panned out. Well somebody's gotta win, so why not the Jets 28-24?

BEARS @ EAGLES: If this were last season this might draw some interest from football fans outside of Philly and Chi-town. But it's not. And it doesn't. So who exactly is ready to step up and turn their season around? The Eagles, I guess? Eagles 24-14.

RAMS @ SEAHAWKS: Here's my "upset especiale" of the week. With the 'Hawks being the definition of inconsistency, and Marc Bulger probable it's time for the Rams to explode, just you watch. Rams 27-21.

STEELERS @ BRONCOS: Dangit all, I don't own a Broncos jersey! And with good reason, seeing as I hate them. But at least the Broncs are faltering, and fading off into the distance. Steelers on the other hand, are one of the most overrated teams around. Well maybe they aren't. The point is how would we know if they were bad? None of the teams they've played so far are even over .500, so who knows? And the fact is, the only reason one of those teams they've played will make the playoffs is because someone has to win the NFC West. Anyways Steelers 21-10.

COLTS @ JAGUARS: This one should be a dandy! Possibly the best Monday nighter of the season. Yes even better than last Monday's Falcons-Giants skirmish. The Colts are rested though, so I think they'll be able to scrape together a win. Colts 21-20.

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