Thursday, October 11, 2007


BENGALS @ CHIEFS: I'm still unsure as to how the heck the Chiefs put such a whoopin' on the Chargers in Week Four? The Bengals, meanwhile, are coming off their best defensive effort of the season. Sure it was a bye week, but you take what you can get. Bengals 27-17.

TEXANS @ JAGUARS: The AFC South looks to be the best and or toughest division in football so far this season, with the Texans occupying the basement at 3-2. Now the Texans beat the Jags twice last year with David Carr at the helm, which says a lot. With the defenses being prominent it'll be which QB makes the least amount of mistakes and my money is on Matty "Stump the" Schaub. Texans 13-12.

DOLPHINS @ BROWNS: Seems like it was not too long ago the Brownies were the laughing stock and the Dolphins were the mediocre team. Well the times they are a changin', as the Dolphins have been relegated to a punchline and the Browns have launched themselves up to mediocrity! Browns 21-10.

VIKINGS @ BEARS: Lovie Smith has to be tired of playing "Would you rather?" with his offense. As in, would you rather....start the turnover prone Rex Grossman or the slightly better than iffy Brian Griese? And to think Vinny Testaverde was just hanging around doing nothing. In any event, the Bears should be riding the momentum of their Sunday night win into this one, so look out Vikings. Bears 14-0

EAGLES @ JETS: I like to call this game the Disappointment Bowl, since both squads have been, well, disappointing. The Jets play has erased the Man-genius nickname from their doughy leader, while the Eagles have just been overmatched far too often. Not really sure what's gonna happen in the "City of Brotherly Love" come Sunday, so I went to the coin flip. Eagles 27-21.

RAMS @ RAVENS: Speaking of disappointments. The Ravens are not nearly as disappointing as the Rams have been, that's for darned sure! Remember when the Rams were an offensive juggernaut? What happened? Well, I don't know what happened, but I don't think it'll change anytime soon, with Gus Frerotte starting on Sunday. Of course I could be completely wrong and Gus could light up the Ravens "D" for 367 yards and three tds. Eh, not likely. Ravens 17-9.

TITANS @ BUCCANEERS: An oddly intriguing matchup down in the Bay of Tampa. Bottom line is the Titans are just plain better, I think. Don't get me wrong the addition of Zack Crockett should really spark Tampa's offense (note the sarcasm), but I'm gonna go ahead and pick the Titans 21- 17.

REDSKINS @ PACKERS: You gotta think the Packers have been seething all week after that Sunday night debacle, so look for Brett Favre too be the gunslinger that he is and show everyone how much he just loves the game. Man that was a long sentence. Packers 24-20.

PANTHERS @ CARDINALS: Kurt Warner vs. Vinny Testaverde? Is this an old-timers game? Actually this may be an upgrade for Carolina, the way David Carr's been playing, who knows? Not enough of an upgrade however, Cardinals 37-31.

PATRIOTS @ COWBOYS: After that Dolphins-Browns match-up, this is probably the game of the week in the NFL, let's be honest. T.O. will not even talk to the media until after the game on Sunday, so you know it is a big deal. Patriots 35-28.

RAIDERS @ CHARGERS: The Chargers look determined to get back in the thick of things in the AFC, which is bad news for the Raiders. Turner and Hooch should run wild in this one. Chargers 38-17.

SAINTS @ SEAHAWKS: The Saints once again look like the Aints. Could this be the week they turn it all around and head on an unprecedented run, overcoming this horrid start to make the playoffs? No. Seahawks 27-24

GIANTS @ FALCONS: The Giants defense is playing well, the Falcons offense is not. Ipso facto, Giants should roll 21-7.

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