Saturday, November 10, 2007


JAGUARS @ TITANS: This should be a good little match-up, but I think it'll come down to the QBs, and frankly, while I am no huge fan of VY, he is a bit better than QG. Titans 20-14.

BRONCOS @ CHIEFS: The Broncos have been pretty sorry in my opinion, while the Chiefs have been much better than I thought they would be. I'm not saying they're good, but they're at least better than average, and these days that's enough to beat the Broncos. Chiefs 27-21.

BILLS @ DOLPHINS: In case you haven't noticed, the Bills are 4-4 and are right in the thick of things in the AFC. The back of the schedule is not a piece of cake, mmmmm cake, but it's not quite as daunting as their first half. Plus it don't hurt that this is the first of two, count 'em two, games against the Dolphins. Bills 23-17.

BROWNS @ STEELERS: Okay sure the Steelers had their way with the Brownies, mmmmmm brownies, in Week one, but Cleveland has since won five of seven. One loss was against the Pats, the other a last second loss to the Raiders. So they've done alright. Now sure the 'Burgh looked impressive against the Ravens, but who hasn't, really? Even the Bengals beat the birds for crying out loud! And Derek Anderson is looking like a young Steve Bono out there, so that's why I'm making this my upset special of the week as the Browns take it 21-20.

RAMS @ SAINTS: This one should be as close as a wrestling match between Hulk Hogan and Sweetchuck from those Police Academy movies. Heck, I wouldn't even give Sweetchuck a sporting chance against Spackler. Wait what does that have to do with the game? Well, nothing, but it amused me. The Rams should have no business winning this one, what with Saints rolling and the Rams, well, being a calamity. Saints 37-21.

FALCONS @ PANTHERS: It would seem, on paper, that this would be an easy win for the 'Thers, but if you keep reading that paper, you quickly see that David Carr is out and Vinny Testaverdee is questionable. I know you, much like myself, have probably been curious as to who in the heck is actually behind David Carr on the depth chart. Well the answer is Matt Moore, who will be backed up by Drew Olson, fresh off the practice squad. Looks bad, but I know a few fans in New England who were all like, "Tom Who?" when Bledsoe went down, so.....I'm not saying either of these guys will be the next Tom Brady, but who knows? I'll still take the 'Thers 13-9.

EAGLES @ REDSKINS: The combined records of the teams the 'Skins have lost to is 22-3. Aside from a pounding of the Lions, they have pretty much scraped by in their wins. So who really has any idea if they are in fact any good? Well, they're good enough to beat the Eagles, of that I am like 43% sure. Redskins 17-13.

VIKINGS @ PACKERS: I'm not gonna look up stats, but I'm pretty sure Adrian Petersen rushed for more yards than just about every team in the National Football League last week with his 296 yards. It's safe to say he outran the Packers at the very least, since their DeShawn Wynn only had 203 yards. Oh sorry, that's misleading, Wynn has 203 yards on the season, to be the Packers leading rusher. But who needs a good running game when you've got a gunslinger under center just out there having some fun? Vikes 24-23.

BENGALS @ RAVENS: I was way to drunk for their first meeting to have drawn any meaningful sort of analysis from it. But judging by the way they've performed since, I have been able to ascertain two things: 1) I could care less about the outcome of this game and 2) both teams are utterly terrible. Although I am intrigued by the match-up of a terrible offense against a terrible defense, to see what happens. Something's gotta give, right? Ravens 27-22.

BEARS @ RAIDERS: Is it just me or did it take teams far too long to figure out they shouldn't kick the ball to Devin Hester? I mean take that away and the Bears have, well, nothing except the wrong Adrian Petersen. I'm picking the Raiders, that's right the Raiders, 21-17.

COWBOYS @ GIANTS: While we will surely be rooting for a tie, which is the only way neither team can win, it seems the Cowboys may have the edge here. Personally, I am not even remotely convinced the G-Men are for real. For one, there last five wins have come against the Eagles (3-5), Jets (1-8), Falcons (2-6) , 49ers (2-6) and Dolphins (0-8). Now obviously they could be for real, but they are 1-2 against teams with above .500 records, not really a shining endorsement for the wonder that is the Giants. I mean, they more than likely will make the playoffs, but that won't be saying much. Cowboys 27-17.

LIONS @ CARDINALS: I've been sayin' it! Haven't I been sayin it?! I've been sayin it! Kitna, Kitna, Kitna. Kitna is the man and he will lead the Lions to the promised land! Lions 31-21.

COLTS @ CHARGERS: Just when it looked like the Chargers were turning their season around, they ran into the mighty 2-5 Vikings. Huh? The Vikings? Meanwhile the Colts will be looking to end their one game losing streak and are probably pretty ticked at losing to the Pats, so I'm gonna go out on a limb and take the Colts over the Bolts 28-21.

49ERS @ SEAHAWKS: This should be a real humdinger of a Monday nighter. Note the sarcasm. There was a point in time when some people thought San Francisco would be decent and have some semblance of an offense. But the Niners took no time at all to put an end to those notions. The Seahawks aren't good, but on this night they'll be good enough. Hawks 23-9.

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