Sunday, November 25, 2007


It's been a busy weekend of giving thanks, drinking, eating and having some laughs, so today we're gonna see what some NFL teams are thankful for.

BRONCOS @ BEARS: The Broncos are thankful that no one in the AFC West seems all that good, giving their mediocre squad a fighting chance. While the Bears are thankful for Devin Hester, pretty much the most consistent thing they have goin'. Broncos 17-13.

TITANS @ BENGALS: The Titans are thankful for playing the Bengals, maybe providing their offense with some confidence. Meanwhile the Bengals are thankful for the Dolphins, for being so downright inept, that the Bengals ineptitude is slightly overshadowed. Titans 21-13.

BILLS @ JAGUARS: The Bills are thankful for wings. Yes wings! I know I'm thankful they exist, but they get to be where wings started for like half the year. The Jaguars remain thankful they cut Byron Leftwich loose. Sure time's still gonna tell on that one, but so far so good. Bills 7-6.

RAIDERS @ CHIEFS: Oakland has to be thankful for Shane Lechler. That's right their punter. Really there's not much else. Chiefs are thankful for the Chargers disappointing season, leaving them right in the thick of the AFC West hunt. Raiders 10-6.

TEXANS @ BROWNS: The Texans are thankful they are no longer a laughing stock, and are actually headed in the right direction. I think we all know what the Browns are thankful for, am I right? And no it's not Jamal Lewis. Yes, seems obvious, but the Browns have to be thankful for Derek Anderson, who could be the next "poor man's" Bernie Kosar. Browns 28-21.

SEAHAWKS @ RAMS: The 'Hawks are thankful for Maurice Morris? Mo-Mo has filled in admirably for Shaun Alexander, who has been, well, not good. The Rams are thankful for winning game. I'm not gonna lie it looked a bit dicey at times, but the Rammers actually showed some signs of life. Rams 22-19.

VIKINGS @ GIANTS: The Vikings are thankful for Adrian Petersen, duh? They are not,however, as thankful for his injury. The Giants are thankful for a very weak schedule that enables them to fool the media into thinking they are good. Giants 21-13.

SAINTS @ PANTHERS: The Saints are thankful for, um, their health? After Deuce, that is. The Panthers are thankful for the resurgence of Vinny Testaverde, who at age 64 has been a solid addition to this team. Saints 27-17.

REDSKINS @ BUCCANEERS: The 'Skins are thankful the politically correct world has not made them change their highly offensive to native Americans nickname. While the Bucs are thankful for their legitimate shot at the playoffs. 'Skins 24-20.

49ERS @ CARDINALS: The Niners are thankful for their dapper head coach, while the Cards are thankful to be over .500. Cards 24-9

RAVENS @ CHARGERS: The Ravens are thankful they have an offensive genius at the helm, making their offense something to be reckoned with. Meanwhile the Chargers are giving thanks for being able to have such a disappointing first half and still be in a very, very good position to make the 'offs. Bolts 21-3.

EAGLES @ PATRIOTS: The Eagles are thankful they play in the most peaceful, fun-loving and generally forgiving sports city in the whole wide world. The Patriots are thankful for technological advances that allow them to take cheating to a whole new level. Pats 56-17.

DOLPHINS @ STEELERS: The Dolphins are thankful they only have six weeks left. The Steelers on the other hand, are thankful for all 57 varieties Heinz has to offer. Steelers 27-13.

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