Thursday, November 22, 2007


Just gonna throw out the Turkey Day picks, with the rest to come in a couple days:

PACKERS @ LIONS: It's starting to look like the Lions may not be for real, but with Kitna in your corner anything can happen. Anything! But honestly I feel like the Packers are just bin a zone right now, and will prevail. They won't knock the stuffing out of the Lions, but should win by a score or two. Let's call it 28-20.

JETS @ COWBOYS: The Jets have not been as bad as their record indicates. Plus, you know Eric Mangini's gonna be mad that he can't have his turkey dinner with all the trimmings til late Thursday night, if that. He will use that anger in turn into pure, unadulterated motivation. He'll say something like, "Let's go out there and mash those Cowboys, like mama Mangini mashes her homemade potatoes! We're gonna candy their yams!" In my upset special, Jets win it 28-27.

COLTS @ FALCONS: This is hardly the dessert to a triple header of delicious Thanksgiving feast of football. It's more like the dish that no one, but like one person, likes and it just sits there on the table untouched as the potatoes and stuffing slowly disappear. Let's call it the waldorf salad of today's games. Colts 21-12.

Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your turkey, or tofurkey, if your a vegetarian or a vegan.

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