Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Okay, so we missed a week of picks. Sometime things come up, like laziness and procrastination and delicious roast beef sandwiches!

On with the show!

BRONCOS @ TITANS- It seems like the Titans are only as good as Vince Young. Which is not super, really, since VY has not ever really been consistent. Not sure what to make of the Broncos, but I am almost never sold on them, so.....Titans 23-13

RAVENS @ STEELERS- The Ravens added Anquan Boldin and TJ Whosyourmamma, to bolster an offense to supplement an already stellar defense. The defense is still stellarish, but the "O" has not lived up to anything close to the hype and I can't say it will get any easier for them this week at the Ketchup Packet. This one will be defensive slugfest of the highest order. That's right, the HIGHEST order! Ravens 7-6

BENGALS @ BROWNS- I expected biggish things from the Bengals this season, and after week one that looked like lofty expectations. The Bengals rebounded by edging out the Ravens and then beating the Panthers. What's standing between them and 3-1? Seneca Wallace. Seneca Wallace? That's what the Browns came into this season with? Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace? Really? Probably safe to say the Dawg Pound was not banking on a playoff trip this year. Bengals 27-17

LIONS @ PACKERS- The Pack will be looking to rebound from the Monday night loss, and while the Lions are full of sass, I feel the Pack should be okay in week four. Packers 28-16

PANTHERS @ SAINTS- I'm pretty sure I am not the only one waiting for the Saints to just, as the kids say, "go off". Thus far the Saints first three games have been decided by a total, yes TOTAL, of 11 points. Of course part of having sucess in the NFL is winning close games, but still, it would be nice if the Saints would show a bit of dominance at some point. This could be the week! Saints 31-14

49ERS @ FALCONS- The Niners were one of the darlings in almost everyone's, preseason predictions, but thus far they have been, well, not good. Normally, I'd say not to panic, since they are in the NFC West, but the Seahawks are proving to be a bit of a fly in the ointment. That and the fact I picked the Dirty Birds to be playing in the final game of the year, spells trouble and, more than likely, 0-4 for the Niners. Falcons 28-13

SEAHAWKS @ RAMS- Both these squads raised eyebrows, or so I am told (I didn't actually see any eyebrows raise, it's more of an expression I guess) last week, with a couple of surprising wins. How sold am I on the 'Hawks? Not very. The Rams are up and coming and Slingin' Sammy Bradford is settling in nicely. Something tells me I should pick the 'Hawks, but I'm not gonna. Rams 23-17

JETS @ BILLS- The Hahvahd boy, Ryan Fitzpatrick can sling a pigskin wicked hahd! But unfortunately for him the Jets "D" is a smidge better than the Pats, so it could be a long afternoon in Orchard Park for the Billsies. Jets 24-9

COLTS @ JAGUARS- I can't really think of any logical reason the Colts would lose this game. Colts 31-14

TEXANS @ RAIDERS- I can't really think of any logical reason the Texans would lose this game. Texans 27-13

CARDINALS @ CHARGERS- The Chargers are off to their typical slow start, which makes it a perfect time for the Cards to pull off the upset. It is very possible to upset the Bolts (see Chiefs, Kansas City and Seahawks, Seattle) at this juncture. But, I would see the odds are better, that the Chargers will prevail. Chargers 27-20

REDSKINS @ EAGLES- McNabb Bowl I! D-Nabb's first game in Philly not wearing the green and white, should be worth watching. But if I know one thing, it's that Philadelphia fans are always willing to greet their former players with nothing but adoration, respect and kindness. I mean if there is a kinder and gentler fan base in sports than in Philly, I dare you to find it! Eagles 28-17

BEARS @ GIANTS- This is an intriguing matchup, for sure. I don't know what to make of either team. Are the Bears good? Are the Giants bad? I think the answer to both questions is, maybe. I've never thought much of Jay Cutler, but combine a Mike Martz offense with a bruising defense and all of sudden you've got a team that just might be darned good. Darned, I say! I'm still not sold on Jay-C, but with that defense, he doesn't need to be Joe Montana to keep Da Bears in games. On the other side, that supposed stud defense of the G-men has been torched for 67 points in the last two games. Doesn't look good for the Giants. Bears 31-21

PATRIOTS @ DOLPHINS- The Pats defense is not what it once was, to say the least, but can Chad Henne and comapany take advantage of said lamer defense? Well, Mark Sanchez did. Ryan Fitzpatrick did. So why not Chad Henne? Dolphins 24-23

Well there you have your week four picks! And now for your cheese.....

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