Thursday, September 09, 2010


PANTHERS @ GIANTS- This year's G-men "D" is supposed to be legit, and the Panthers have an inexperienced QB in Matty Tyler Moore. Normally that could spell disaster, BUT the G-Men are a bit banged up in the middle of the line and the Panthers have some darned good runners in "The Daily Show" Johnathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams. So while DeAngelo and "The Daily Show" could both possibly hit the century mark on the ground, it'll be the Giants who will grind out the win, in what I expect to be the quickest game of the week. Giants 20-10

DOLPHINS @ BILLS- It makes me sad that the NFL no longer makes the 'Phins travel up into the northeast during the winter months. But, that aside, I think the 'Phins are highly overrated. On the other hands they may have enough to get by the Bills. Despite a big day from C.J. Spiller, the Phins will prevail. Dolphins 21-17

FALCONS @ STEELERS- Matty Ice is ready to take control and dominate! At least I think so. The Falcons are my NFC favorite, so of course I think they can handle the Ben-less Steelers. Falcons 23-17

I really don't know what to make of the Bears, to be quite honest. They could hang with the Pack and the Vikes all year or be a complete nonentity, I dunno? But, while the Lions are gonna take a big step forward this year, I think they won't quite be ready to upset Da Bears in the opener. Bears 31-20

This seems to have become the trendy week one upset pick. I thought I was original thinking the Bengals, what with T.O and Ochocinco and all, would eat up the very "green" Pats secondary, but it appears everyone else is sniffin' that as well. So much so, that it makes me almost wanna go against my original pick! Nah. Bengals 31-27

The Bucs are the only team that will be blacked out in their area. Hard to imagine why? That was sarcasm folks. Why would anyone want to pay big bucks to watch this Tampa Bay squad? Unless they're wearing those delicious creamsicle unis, than they really aren't worth watching. Browns 24-10

The Jaguars sold out! Yep, that's news! They didn't sign anyone making them a contender or anything, they just draw the Broncos and Florida star Tim Tebow in week one. Broncos rode last year's fast start to all sorts of, what amounted to unnwaranted, praise and hype. The overhypedness of Josh McD's squad has led many to believe this will be a cake walk for them in the opener. Well it won't be easy-peasy, but the Broncos will prevail. Broncos 24-21

Is it just me or does it seem like the Texans have been a trendy playoff pick for like the last decade? Well many think this is the year. Me? I'll believe it when I see it. Beating Indy in week one, could go along way towards convincing me. But that's another, "believe it when I see it" scenario. Colts 31-24

The Raiders get Jason Campbell and all of the sudden, they're a playoff contender? What? Let's not get too carried away here folks. Sure, pretty much anything resembling competency at quarterback is an upgrade over JaMarcus Russell, but they are still the Raiders and no one on that Oakland squad has proven jack squat! Look for Chris Johnson to run wild and hold of the silver and black attack! Titans 24-16

I love me some Packers and Aaron Rodgers, but I was high on them (them, glue fumes, whichever) at the beginning of last year too, and they would go on to disappoint me. Supposedly they've learned from last year and they are darned good on both side of the ball. Dom Capers should throw everything, including the kitchen sink, at Kevin Kolb. Packers 27-17

49ERS @ SEAHAWKS- Saying the Niners will win the NFC West is really not saying much. Winning the NFC West will be like being the skinniest kid at fat camp. That being said, Mike Singletary is tough and so are the Niners. The Seahawks? Not so much. No one is expecting much from the Seahawks which is the perfect way for a team to go into a season. They play bad? It's expected. Nothing to lose, right? But, on a serious note, Seahawks fans, Pete Carroll is not a good NFL coach. Niners 17-0

Cardinals are ushering in the Derek Anderson era? While we all await the emergence of Max Hall, D-Andy is the man in 'Zona. Luckily he draws the lowly Rams in week one. On the other side though, Sam Bradford hasn't looked terrible. "Greatest Show on Turf", they ain't, but the Rammers could maybe do some things here and there. A definite upset possibility, but I'm sticking with the Cards. Cardinals 37-31

COWBOYS @ REDSKINS- Donovan McNabb's last two games were against the Cowboys. Both losses. I'll have to check the stats, but if he loses Sunday he may become the first QB in NFL (no AFL, CFL or USFL stats, please folks)history to lose three consecutive games, all to the same team? The Skins are much improved, but I still feel the Cowboys are the beasts of the NFC East. Cowboys 27-21

Is there anyone outside of the Jetsdom, that likes Rex Ryan? Be honest. The Jets have a good defense, but are they a Super Bowl caliber team? I submit that they are not. The Ravens on the other hand? Absotively! Derrick Mason, Anquan Boldin and now T.J. Houshmanzadeh. Well, Darelle Revis is good, but I'm pretty sure he can only cover one of those guys at a time. Ravens 24-16

The Chargers have become known for their slow starts, but ya gotta think they can handle "Sand" Cassel and the Chieves to start the season, right? I was very briefly tempted to pick the upset here, but common sense, as it rarely does for me, prevailed. Chargers 27-13

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