Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Welcome to a new segment here at "Bitterness", that we'll simply call " Settle Down!" It'll be pretty much self-explanatory, but I'll explanate, er explain, it to you anyway. Ya see, every single day, the media, among others, crank up the Hype-a-Tron 5000 and hand us a ton of, what is, for the most part, unwarranted hyperbolic nonsense. And due to their hyperbolictivity, they need to be asked to settle down. Maybe it'll become clearer once we get started? Well, let's hope so. And away we go!

  • To everyone touting the Bucs and Josh Freeman and their 2-0 start, settle down! Look, I like Josh Freeman, he seems like a nice enough fella, and the Bucs could surprise some people, but let's focus people! They beat the Browns and the Panthers, not exactly powerhouses. Now I will give you, they have already exceeded mine, and everyone else's, expectations, but let's just settle down, before we "buy in".
  • For those who were quick to think Arian Foster was the next Barry Foster, settle down! Now, I now after AF's week two performance, a lot of people did in fact settle down, but they are still very high on him. Look, he could very well, dominate for years to come, but it weren't too long ago the Texans had another young RB taking charge, and how did that turn out, hmmm?
  • If you're sold on Mark Sanchez as turning "it" all around, settle down! It was one game, and I know everyone still overrates the Pats, but the New England secondary is a siv. So, it's tough to say whether Sanchez is ready to step up or the Pats secondary is just that pathetic, but why don't we just settle down and wait and see.
  • For those that are stunned by Brett Favre's shaky start, settle down! I'm not saying whether or not the Vikes will turn things around, but it was only a matter of time before things caught up with the aged gunslinger. Is it just me, or does Bret Favre lead the league in wincing?
  • Anyone thinking the Browns are underachieving, settle down! I know they finished last season strong, but how many times have we seen that scenario before? You know, a bad team finishing a season strong, because they're playing with reckless abandon and, well, quite frankly over their heads, going into the next season with some sort of hype following right along beside them. So, anyone who thought the Brownies were ready to be contenders, needs to settle down!
Well, that concludes the first edition of "Settle Down!" Look for us, and possibly Brownie (pictured above) to tell even more people to settle down, next week!

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