Wednesday, September 15, 2010


CHIEVES @ BROWNS- Here's a game that could really go either way. The Chieves upset the Bolts on Monday night, and the Browns lost to the Buccaneers, the team I picked to be in the running for the worst record this season. Now, let it be said that I am not sold on KC, but I am sold on the awfulicity of Jake Delhomme. That young KC defense showed some things on MNF, or so I am told (it finished a bit past my bedtime) and they could cause some problems for Jakey D. Chieves 16-13

BILLS @ PACKERS- Well, the Bills could have lost by more in week one I suppose, but that may be more telling of the Dolphins mediocrity, than the Bills goodness. No one is giving the Bills a chance and Lambeau, and with good reason. Packers 28-10

RAVENS @ BENGALS- Based on week one performances this should be a no-brainer, right? Probably, but since when have I done things by the book? The Jets didn't try and work that battered Ravens secondary, but the Bengals could, what with that high-priced receiving corps. But seriously, everything points to a Ravens win. Bengals 21-17

STEELERS @ TITANS- Sure the Steel crew surprised me by beating the Falcons to start the season, but I expect big things from the Titans this year. Should be a tight one, but I think VY and the Titans can pull it out. Titans 24-14

EAGLES @ LIONS- What can I say, Lions fans? You got jobbed. But look at it this way, it's not like the Lions were playoff bound anyway. So, it's only gonna help your drafting position, right? Silver lining, Detroit. Silver lining. Gotta say, I don't feel like the Lions will jump into the win column this week, either. Eagles 27-17

BEARS @ COWBOYS- Bears did put up some big offensive numbers in the opener, but how does a Mike Martz offense not score from the goal line, given four tries? I am not high on Jay-Cut as you may well know. I wasn't going anywhere with that, just wanted to reiterate, is all. Cowboys should, SHOULD, look better this week, but who knows? Cowboys 35-27

BUCCANEERS @ PANTHERS- I'm thinking DeAngelo Williams and "The Daily Show" will be looking to run amok (that's right, amok!) after being outright stymied by the G-Men last week! Plus the Bucs are not good. They got lucky against the Brownies. Now, it is possible the Bucs could be dancing with lady luck in week two as well, but I don't think so. Panthers 27-13

CARDINALS @ FALCONS- Neither squad was overly impressive in week one. I mean the Cards drew the Rams, and let's be honest, even with a promising young QB, it takes a high level of suckitude to lose to the Rammers. Now, I picked the Falcons to be the NFC Champs, which seems like a dumbish pick, sure, but I stand by it. Unless they start 0-2! Really, if they can't beat Derek Anderson (Max Hall, anyone?) than I am really gonna have to rethink some things. Falcons 38-21

Hey, here's a game I could not care less about. Is age finally, really, catching up with the Gunslinger? He did not look like he was having fun or about to lead the league in smiles, in New Orleans last Thursday. Both teams, are a bit overrated, but me thinks the Vikings are just flat out better. If the Dolphins hold Adrian Petersen to 14 all-purpose yards, then I may drink that dolphin-safe tuna juice. But not yet! Vikings 27-19

RAMS @ RAIDERS- The Los Angeles Bowl? Nothing like a battle between the last two franchises to play in La-la-land. Add in the fact, that both squads have been putrid for several years. Here's a weird thing to think about, though- These teams have been to a combined 3 Super Bowls in the last 11 years! Yes in the last eleven years the Rams have been to as many Super Bowls as the Steelers and the Colts! Both teams have been to more than the Cowboys or the Chargers or the Packers! Anyway, for some reason the Raiders annointed Jason Campbell their savior, and people thought they were some sort of playoff contender? I didn't buy it, and I looked spot on, with that not buying of it, in week one. But, are they bad enough to lose to the Rams? Maybe. I think the Rams will shoot themselves in the foot, though. Raiders 17-14

SEAHAWKS @ BRONCOS- Anyone who said they saw Seattle's week one lambasting of the Niners, and cannot back it up, is probably lying. Unless their name rhymes with "sweet barrel". This is another game I don't want to watch, primarily because I just don't care. Broncos 21-20

TEXANS @ REDSKINS- The Texans took a big step towards convincing me they are contenders with that win over the Colts, but it's a long season, and Arian Foster, prob-a-bly won't rush for two hundred yards every week, but he may be good. Skins are not as good as the Colts. Texans 28-17

JAGUARS @ CHARGERS- I was so close to picking the Chieves in week one, but thought, despite their penchant for starting slow, the Chargers would handle them. WRONG! I look for a big day from MJD and a Jags upset! Jaguars 21-20

PATRIOTS @ JETS- Patriots probably aren't quite as good as they looked last week, while the Jets may not be quite as bad as they looked last week. In what'll arguably be the most talked about game of week two (yes, more hyped than Chieves-Browns!) it should be a slugfest. All signs point to a Pats win, so the they'll probably lose, but I'm sticking to my gut! Patriots 21-17

GIANTS @ COLTS- Ah, Manning Bowl II. If the Giants can run the ball like the Texans and control the clock, they could very will pick up a "W" here. Here's the thing though, Peyton Manning just does not start 0-2. Last time he did that? His rookie year. Of course that is a relative stat. They may not have good competition in the first two weeks in any of those seasons, right? I suppose I could look it up, but I won't. Colts 27-23

There is really no good reason to pick the Niners in this one. But something in my gut sees an upset, gosh darnit! Pardon my French. Some weird stuff will happen in the Bay Area on Monday night! Niners 14-10

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