Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Woooooooo! Well week two was very, very good to me. As I went a strong 12-3-1 against the spread, putting a little distance between me and my opponents, Mr. King and Mr. Simmons. Oddly enough they tied each other for the second straight weekend, both going 8-7-1. So here are your up to the week standings:

"Bitterness": 20-11-1
Peter King : 15-16-1
Sports Guy : 15-16-1

Week three looks to be the best week of games so far in my opinion. 11 of the 14 games feature teams with identical records. We'll lose at least three of the ubeatens this week, while four teams will get their first wins. Not to mention big division battles in Indy, Buffalo, Detroit, Minnesota, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Arizona and New Orleans. So here's a look at week three, where the Raiders will somehow still manage to lose as Art Shell continues to wonder what he was thinking:

Jets (1-1) @ Bills (1-1)- A big division battle early in the season. Neither team seems to be as bad as most people thought. They do have a common opponent, in the division leading Patriots. Both teams lost their games against New England, but the Bills, in my opinion, played them a little stronger. The Bills take this one 9-7.

Jaguars (2-0) @ Colts (2-0)- A Showdown in the South, the AFC South that is, because the only thing Indy is south of is Canada. The Jags "D" has been impressive, BUT the Colts offense is a little more potent than the Cowboys or the Steelers. I don't want to take anything away from the Jaguars, they stymied the Steelers offense on Monday Night in impressive fashion, BUT, the Steelers are a bit overrated I feel. The Jaguars will contain the Colts offense, but not quite enough as they fall in Indy 14-10.

Titans (0-2) @ Dolphins (0-2)- The Billy Volek era is officially over in Tennessee. Honestly, Titans, how bad could he have been? Well now they've got a quarterback by committee thing goin' on. How can that fail? Kerry Collins and an unproven rookie? C'MON! Anyways it's more, losing, by committee for the Titans, as even Duante Culpepper can't screw this one up. Dolphins roll 27-9

Packers (0-2) @ Lions (0-2)- For years I've been touting Kitna as the poor man's Brett Favre. Nowadays Brett Favre seems more and more likely to play like a poor version of himself. Did that make sense? Well this could be reminiscent of that 1993 Wild Card battle in the Silverdome, with a little more scoring. Well there's a pretty good chance that one of these teams will walk away with their first win of the season, and I think it to be the Lions, 51-48. Kitna is ecstatic (see picture)!

Redskins (0-2) @ Texans (0-2)- The Redskins offense has been, well, not good. Luckily the NFL has just the cure for an ailing offense...the Texans. Al Saunders will get to make the offense click and the 'Skins end up with a season split in the Lone Star state, beating the Texans 31-12

Bears (2-0) @ Vikings (2-0)- Well here it is. Bears. Vikings. Undefeated. First place on the line in the NFC North. Well this one should be a dandy, as the Bears get their first little test of the season after what seemed like an extended preseason. Time to find out if sexy Rexy is for real. This'll be a low scoring affair, but the Bears defense is just too darned good for the Vikings and the Bears edge 'em out 13-10

Panthers (0-2) @ Buccaneers (0-2)- The season hasn't started off the way either of these teams hoped it would as they both look to leave the ranks of the winless. Chris Simms has looked more like Molly Sims(to your right) than his pa. That is to say he has played like Molly Sims, not loooked like her, because if he looked like her the Bucs would never be able to concentrate. Another subpar performance from Baby Simms and they'll be calling for Bruce Gradkowski in Tampa. The Panthers should win this one, barring any crazy pass back, lateral plays deep in their own territory. Carolina takes it 18-13.

Bengals (2-0) @ Steelers (1-1)- This is a big one. Carson Palmer gets his first crack at the team that ended his season last January. The Ketchup Packet will be hopping and the Terrible Towels will be out in full force, but I think the Bengals will pull this one out 24-20

Ravens (2-0) @ Browns (0-2)- Old Browns versus new Browns. Well I'm guessing the Ravens and Art Modell don't get the warmest of welcomes to the Forest City. The new Browns are 4-8 against the Ravens lifetime, and it doesn't look that'll improve anytime soon. I guess it's out of the question to allow the Ravens to wear retro Browns jerseys so both teams would be wearing Browns jerseys, especially in Cleveland. Maybe when they play in Baltimore. Ravens over the Browns 28-10.

Rams (1-1) @ Cardinals (1-1)- Well right after the battle of two teams that have called Cleveland home, this matches St.Louis' current NFL team against the team that used to call St. Louis home. The Rams defense has been better than expected. But without Todd Lyght that secondary is just that,...light. But Jim Haslett has them playing well and they will get tested by this upstart Cardinals team. In fact, I like the Cards to stay undefeated in their cushy new home and win this one in a shootout 38-35.

Eagles (1-1) @ 49ers (1-1)- The 49ers are coming off the high of a big win last week, while the Eagles are looking to rebound from last week's collapse against the Giants. McNabb has been phenomenal and that shouldn't change this week. The 49ers win streak ends at 1. Eagles dominate 38-13.

Giants (1-1) @ Seahawks (2-0)- When these two teams met last year in made for quite a game as the Giants shot themselves in the foot with too many penalties and some field goal trouble, that led to an SNL sketch featuring Dane Cook as Jay Feely. Well the good news for Jay Feely is it won't come down to his foot. Seahawks take it 28-20.

Broncos (1-1) @ Patriots (2-0)- The Patriots finally looked dominant for about three quarters of football in the Meadowlands on Sunday, before letting the Jets back in the ballgame. Put together a full game and they will win, as Jay Cutler inches even closer to that starting QB spot. Patriots win 23-17.

Falcons (2-0) @ Saints (2-0)- The first NFL game in N'orlins since Katrina, so you know this will be an event. And the Saints are undefeated to boot. Going 2-0 to start a season for the first time in franchise history. Which means, a win would give them their first 3-0 start in frnachise history. This game will be a lot closer than many think and it's hard to pick against the feelgood story of the year in the NFL, but the Falcons will swoop in and take over sole possession of first place in the AFC South, with a 22-14 win, as we welcome football back to the Big Easy.

So there ya have it, your week three preview. Hope you enjoyed and good luck with whatever it is you're doing.

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