Wednesday, February 20, 2008


That's right folks it's Bud Black History Month here at "Bitterness"! A month to honor one of the great pitchers of our time. Now sure we have not done a lot with the first few weeks of Bud Black History Month, and for that we apologize. But we will look to rectify that right now!

Born Harry Ralston (hard to see why he went with a nickname, huh? Although HR Black would've been cool. He could've been H&R Black, even?), Black quickly went with "Bud" when many people would forget his real name. Other possible nicknames on the short list were "Pal", "Chum" and "Sport", but in the end it was "Bud" that won out. Black was born to Canadian parents in Southern California in the summer of 1957. Now we are not sure, but we believe his dad packed up and headed south of the border (the Canadian one that is) to avoid being drafted into the Royal Canadian Mounted Police right in the midst of the Canadian Civil War, shortly after the Battle of Manitoba. Of course Black would go on to do great things in the world of professional baseball, including, as I'm sure we all know, leading the American League in WHIP in 1984 and being the only starter with a losing record on the 1985 World Champion Kansas City Royals. And yes younguns, the Royals were actually good at one time. And speaking of time, we're all out of it. Thank you for joining us for yet another edition of Bud Black History Month. In the next edition of Bud Black History Month, Bud goes through puberty and works on a pretty killer mustache!

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