Friday, February 01, 2008


Well, well, well, the big game is almost upon us and while there are people that are excited, quite a few others, lets call them Buffalo, could care less about the combatants or the outcome of this game. In fact, they would probably not be opposed to Arizona Stadium, or whatever it's called, imploding as everyone looked on. So this blog is dedicated to those folks. Now, I'm not saying if you do care about this game this post won't be relevant, just that the folks who don't care may need it more. So without further adieu, it's the Super Bowl drinking game! That's right here are several themes or ideas to get you well on your way to passing out by halftime (you may want to start a bit later than kickoff if you wanna catch Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers).

Have you noticed how the various "media" outlets are trying to really work up the Boston-New York rivalry angle? This is not Yankees-Red Sox folks. Speaking as a lifelong Pats fan, I can attest that I am more indifferent to New York football teams than anything. I mean I don't care for either, but it's not like the kind of loathing I reserve for the Yanks. Plus, although they represent those cities, neither team actually plays in Boston or New York, so hang your hat on that! So every time the "talent" tries to play up this foolishness go ahead and take a drink. And go ahead and take an extra swig if they use a graphic.

Another good one will be to go ahead and drink every time Brady's ankle "injury" is brought up. Finish your beer if they show that fun shot of him walking, hooded, in NYC, with flowers. The severity of Tommy's injury remains a mystery and I'm sure it'll be talked about as much as possible by the"talking heads". That means the announcers, not the wacky 80s band. It's a full beer if they flash the Web MD thing for it, so be ready. Also why not go ahead and apply this to Tommy's soar shoulder as well, except double the drink and double the pain! And if they make a connection to Schilling's bloody sock somehow, well, just drink and drink.

Of course no Super Bowl would be complete without idiots running their mouths off. Now before everyone jumps down "Bitterness"'proverbial throat here, let me just say, we are not saying that we think that Plaxiglass and Osi U-Menorah are idiots because they lied or anything. No, no, it's just not smart to bring it up is all. You see, cause we are not down on the field, we can neither confirm nor deny these allegations made by the G-Men. However, we would probably lean in their favor as Belichik does often instill cheap and dirty style of football, and this would not surprise us, or the rest of the football loving world, in the least. We can confirm however that Plaxiglass is a dirty player. Yes, it's true, he does not have good hygiene. Also if tensions run high and there's "extracurricular activities" after a play involving the Light-Umenyiora or Burress-Harrison dynamic than get chugging kids. So be on the lookout for a late hit by Hot Rod and why not throw in a few swigs everytime they mention Paxiglass' projected score.

These two squadrons have been to 8 Super Bowls and have 5 Super Bowl Trophies to show for it, so there are bound to be flashbacks of their previous triumphs and defeats. This is three drinks for every time these are shown. Anytime folks! And if it's a montage of several games spliced together, drink the 3 drinks for every different game that is shown in said flashback montage. Half a beer for every time they flash back to the week 17 skirmish between the two squads as well.

And of course the Shockey drinking game is always in affect, effect?, ah who cares! Get ready to do some drinking since he 's not gonna suit for this one.

Check out these fun ones from the past that are also usable. And if you need help finding a good brew, I'm sure any of these wonderful chaps wouldn't mind helping you out. (So it's a shameless plug, shoot me.)

Here's to great beer and good commercials!


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  2. "Have you noticed how the various 'media' outlets are trying to really work up the Boston-New York rivalry angle? This is not Yankees-Red Sox folks."


    I wonder how many "GIANTS SUCK, TOO!" shirts the guy with the stand at the Government Center T stop has sold. Please tell me this isn't catching on...

    I'm going to print this post out and leave it in the living room right now.

  3. is it wrong that while reading the older "stupor bowl" post that I completely forgot that the seahawks were in the super bowl??