Thursday, September 25, 2008


Week 3, was , well, exciting, perplexing, frustrating, just to name a few. Yet, we managed to go a nice little 10-6 for the week. However, The Monday Morning Quarterback and The Sports Guy had identical records, so the leader board stays exactly the same. Now, week 4 is a week where the lowly Lions can't lose! Matt Millen's departure is already paying dividends! Okay, okay, the Lions do have a bye, but that already makes it the best week of the Lions season, so far. Alright enough shenanigans on with the show!

DENVER @ KANSAS CITY: Good news for Chiefs fans: It seems the "Tyler Thigpen Experiment" is over! Bad news: The Broncos are coming to town. Broncos 31-10.

BROWNS @ BENGALS: The Bengals are actually favored in this game? Yep, that's how bad the Browns have looked. If the Browns aren't dominating the 'Gals (their new nickname until they win) at halftime, its time for Brady Quinn "Medicine Woman" to ride in and save the day! Why do I have the feeling the Browns are bringing a white stallion with them to every game from now on, so when BQ does come in, he can gallop in shirtless on the mighty steed? Now that's good PR! I don't know if it has come to that yet, but, with seasoning, Brady Quinn, without a doubt, the next Jon Kitna. You heard it here first folks. And finally the state of Ohio gets their first NFL victory of '08! First of at least 2! Bengals 15-12.

TEXANS @ JAGUARS: Seems like a bizarro world when Gus Frerotte and Sage Rosenfels are seen as season savers, right? If only the Mets could find some of that. Anyway, I feel like Sage could be this year's Derek Anderson. Matt Schaub will be this year's Matt Schaub. Jaguars 17-9.

CARDINALS @ JETS: A recent study over at's Page 2 or ESPN the magazine (sorry can't find the link at the moment), found the Cardinals to be the worst NFL franchise since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Brett Favre was number 7. Just kidding, but by their criterion he'd probably be somewhere near the top of the list. The question, though is will Broadway Brett even play in this one? Cards 28-27.

NINERS @ SAINTS: Maybe this'll get Niners fans to stop whining about their place in everyone's power rankings. Saints 35-21.

FALCONS @ PANTHERS: Let's not be too quick to get down on the Panthers. Their only loss was at the hands of future Hall of Famer Gus Frerotte. It would've happened to anyone who dared oppose the Vikes last week. Rest assured the Panthers are as stable as Steve Smith! Panthers 23-17.

VIKINGS @ TITANS: Gus Frerotte's Hall of Fame resume takes a minor hit at the hands of Albert Haynesworth and company. Has anyone seen any "Wait'll We Get Our Haynes...worth On You!" signs? Cause if not, I'm making one! C'mon, that's gold, right? Titans 17-12.

PACKERS @ BUCCANEERS: The Bucs are the enigma of the NFL. They can be good, but maybe they're only mediocre, I can't tell. What I can tell is the Packers should have an easier time with the Bucs than they did with the 'Boys. Packers 24-20.

BILLS @ RAMS: The Bills didn't fare so hot as big favorites last week against the Raaaaaaaidahs, so this could be a trap game for the Billsies. Personally though, I think they'll have learned from their mistakes. Now, as for the Rams? Was Marc Bulger really the problem? Is Trent Green really the answer? Despite the ever so charismatic Green taking the reigns of the offense, I'm gonna go with, no and, no. Bills 21-6.

CHARGERS @ RAIDERS: And just like that the Bolts are at .500! Chargers 35-13.

REDSKINS @ COWBOYS: The Redskins may surprise a few people in this one. Like some may be surprised at how much Romo to Owens can resemble Montana to Rice or how really poor the Skins offense can look. You know, things like that. No, but seriously the 'Skins will lose big, let's say 37-21.

EAGLES @ BEARS: Let's put it his way, Orton vs. McNabb. Even without Westbrook, the Eagles should manage. It's KYLE ORTON for pete sake! Eagles 21-17.

RAVENS @ STEELERS: Hmmm, no Willie Parker, banged up Roethlisberger, coming off a game where they were battered around by Philly, playing a physical ravens team on Monday night? Things not looking great for the Steel men. But Big Ben will play and we'll quickly get the 4-1-1 on Rashard Mendenhall. Now it sounds like they're in a pickle, but they're at Heinz and personally, we feel Mendenhall will be able to cut the mustard, and his performance Monday will be one he'll relish for a long time! Steelers 13-10.

Catch y'all on the flip side.

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