Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay, so we were a bit all over the place in week one, going 7-9 against the spread. But as mentioned last week, in week one anything can and will happen. Yes we were a bit harsh on the Bears and our sleepers (Redskins,Texans) are apparently still sleeping. But we did manage to edge the Sports Guy who was 6-10, giving us the early lead in this years pickoff against someone who does not know they are competing. But that's the past, let's move to the future and our week 2 picks.

RAIDERS @ CHIEFS: It's really hard to consider picking the Raiders to beat anyone. Yes, even the Chiefs. KC 17-7.

BENGALS @ TITANS: The Bengals are actually favored in this one?! Sure it's by a mere point, but still. I mean the Bengals are not good, while the Titans beat Jacksonville, who is believed by many to be a serious contender. Plus it's in Tenessee! Jeff Fisher can probably skate by the lowly Bengals with Kerry Collins or Chris Simms. Heck, lure Steve McNair out of retirement and I give the Titans a fighting chance. Let's break it down here. Cincy has a questionable ground game, a once promising QB who appears to be more like the little puppy that lost his way, and a defense that hasn't stopped anyone in the last decade. The Titans have a stellar defense and experienced, decent, QB, with a pretty solid ground game. Yeah, I'm taking the Titans 21-17.

COLTS @ VIKINGS: I'm far from an expert in, well, anything, but I've got a hunch that Peyton Manning and the Colts are a little disappointed in how there season started and will be looking to avenge that loss in week two. The Colts were a bit out of sync in the opener, but should rebound in the land of ten thousand lakes. If they can shut sown Adrian Petersen, which could be the deciding factor. But personally, I look for a big day from Peyton Manning. Colts 31-24.

REDSKINS @ SAINTS: This is a pick 'em game?! Really? Saints alive! Now, I did pick the 'Skins as my NFC sleeper team, but I have quickly seen the error of my ways. The Saints have just a tad bit more offensive firepower than the Giants, so it could be a long day for the Washington defense. Saints 31-21.

LIONS @ PACKERS: Well Aaron Rodgers is no gunslinger. He does NOT lead the league in smiling. He may not love the game as much as a certain Jets QB (Hint: it's not Kellen Clemens or Brett Ratliff). But he sure was efficient on Monday night in a very solid winning effort. The Lions defense is few notches down from the Vikes, soooo...... not even Kitna can save the Lions now. Packers 27-17.

BEARS @ PANTHERS: This just in, the Bears defense is still good. That being said, let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. I'm not sold on the Bears as a contender. But I'll buy up some Jake Delhomme stock, that's for sure! Panthers 24-20.

GIANTS @ RAMS: St. Louis fans best get ready for hockey or college basketball season, cause the Rams are not very good at football. The Eagles put up a crooked score on the board last week against the Rammers, and that could be a continuing trend in St. Louis this year. Kevin Kolb even came in to go 5-6 for like 80 some odd yards, so even Eli should be able to have a good day. Giants 31-9.

BILLS @ JAGUARS: This should be one of the best games of the week. The Bills are for real, and are a serious playoff contender. I had the Jags going to the AFC Championship game. To me this is just about a toss up game. But the Bills should make it a long afternoon for Mr. Garrard. Bills 21-17.

FALCONS @ BUCCANEERS: Nice Falcon debuts for Micheal Turner and Matty Ryan, but the Lions are hardly the gold standard of defense in the NFL. I'm not saying the Bucs are the gold standard, but they are definitely in the upper echelon. Let's just say this'll give us a little better idea of where the Dirty Birds are at. Bucs 28-24.

49ERS @ SEAHAWKS: What better way to rebound from a 34-10 shellacking, than by hosting the 49ERs? The 'Hawks are still the class of the NFC West, for whatever that's worth. Seahawks 30-21.

DOLPHINS @ CARDINALS: This one should actually be a good game. Well, okay, maybe not good, but close? Yeah, close. The Dolphins were right in it with the juggernaut that is the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS, so they should be able to hang with Kingdom of the Mighty Cardinal. 'Phins 23-20.

PATRIOTS @ JETS: You know when Drew Bledsoe went down and 4th string quarterback Tom Brady came in, many thought the Patriots season was over. All they did that season was win the Super Bowl. Of course, it hadn't been roughly a decade since Tom had started a game prior to that, so who knows? But what you must always remember is that Bill Bilichik is downright dirty cheater, so the Patriots will find a way to win with Matt Cassel at the helm. But, maybe not this week, since Eric Mangini is most likely extra paranoid whenever his mentor strolls into town, and will be looking for anything not on the level. Pats 7-5.

RAVENS @ TEXANS: I gotta stick with my AFC sleeper, despite what happened in week one. Yes, the Texans will put that Steelers game right out of their heads and take it to the Ravens. The Ravens only managed 17 point against the Bengals defense, so look for Demeco Ryans and Mario Williams to wreak havoc on whoever is trying to QB the Ravens to victory in week two. Texans 27-10.

CHARGERS @ BRONCOS: Even without Shawne Merriman, the Chargers should be able to hassle Jay Cutlery enough. They should at least be able to keep JC from approaching the 300 yard mark. Plus the Super Chargers will be looking to forget what happened in week one, and that's bad news for the Broncs. Chargers 27-22.

STEELERS @ BROWNS: The Steelers have momentum, the Brownies do not. I gotta feeling it'll be a long night for Browns fans. The Browns '08 primetime debut may not be pretty. Steelers 27-10.

EAGLES @ COWBOYS: Both teams seem to be clicking right from the get go, but I felllike right at this moment the Cowboys are slightly better. But will the Jessica Simpson curse kick in? Jess talked some trash to the Eagles on Good Moring America, before having a terrible performance of her own. And you know this is sure to motivate regular GMA watcher Andy Reid. Iggles 31-27.

And now you know......the rest of the story.

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