Thursday, October 24, 2013


I don't think the title of this post really conveys what I am going for, unless I make it known that for full effect it should be sung by the Bay City Rollers. Really, if you're still lost, maybe this picture will help:

Wow, that was a brutal start to this post. Sorry about that. I think the weary tiredness that has encompassed me all day, may be effecting my brain. After all, I did just zone out and stare at that sweet picture for like three minutes. Although, that's probably more to do with me being a human being and less to do with me being a tired and weary human being. Sorry, sorry. I digress.

You see what happens when the I am writing on little, to no, sleep and the Thursday Night Football game features the Panthers and the Buccaneers? Now, to be fair, the Panthers are not completely unwatchable and, honestly, it will be hard to have a less titillating primetime game than what was broadcast to the nation on Monday Night. The best thing to come from that game is the new hottest seller in the Giants' gift shop...

...the Steve Weatherford cape!

PANTHERS @ BUCCANEERS (+6)- Well, Doug Martin is out, so the Bucs will have Mike and Mike leading the charge. Mike Glennon and Mike James. Yikes. Okay, okay, the thing is these guys have very little NFL experience, but in the world of the NFL anything can happen. However in the real and more accurate world, expectations are really low. I mean, they're not low enough to, say, save Greg Schiano's job or anything, but certainly low enough to have a "what do we have to lose?" philosophy. Well, for Schiano, a job, I suppose, but are you catching what I am throwing here? The point I am trying to make is, I am really tired.

Look, the Panthers are not great and the Buccaneers are, well, the Buccaneers. But hey, this is probably, arguably, the second greatest rivalry in AFC South history. If that doesn't put butts in the seats, what will?! An actual watchable football game? Yeah, okay, that would actually probably do it, I suppose. Really, can we expect that, here? Hmmm? Yeah, I think not. Game could be close, but that doesn't necessarily make it good. Well, I'll tell you what, I picked up Mike Tolbert on a fantasy team, looking for a TD, so Pmaybe I'll catch a quarter between pitches in the World Series, who knows? Panthers 24-9

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