Saturday, October 12, 2013


The Giants are 0-6. Can you believe that? Let me type it again...the Giants are 0-6. Now, take a minute to let that sink in...............alright, but now think about this- If the Eagles and Cowboys lose this week, the G-men are still only two games back. Are you getting the point here? The NFC East is bad.

RAIDERS @ CHIEVES (-8.5)- Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith, Alex Smith. Chieves 31-13

 EAGLES @ BUCCANEERS (+2.5)- Look, the Eagles are up and down. I don't know what to make of them. But come on Foles versus Glennon?! If you're not marking this as the game of the week, then, well, haha, you, well, you probably understand the NFL pretty well. Eagles 28-13

PACKERS @ RAVENS (+3)- Ray Rice looked a tad more like Ray Rice last week, but he has to gonna have to be full on Ray Rice this week if they hope to beat the Packers. Packers 24-14

LIONS @ BROWNS ( +2.5)- The Browns are riding high, right now. Three straight wins, tied for first in the AFC North, everything's coming up Browns. Okay, that sounds weird, and on more than one account. Let's move on. The thing is, the Lions, I think have a better offense than all three of those teams the Brownies beat, so this will be a test for Cleveland's D. I am not a believer in said "D", just yet. Let's see how they handle Detroit and then we can revisit the discussion. Lions 31-21 

PANTHERS @ VIKINGS (-2)- Cam Newton and company were handled, just handled, by the Cardinals defense last week, which to me makes this an intriguing matchup. I feel like this will be a fight to the finish, similar to the close one the Vikes played in London. Panthers 31-28
RAMS @ TEXANS(-7.5)- Don't you just feel like the Rams are gonna all of sudden start playing really well and pulling off some upsets? No? Well, at least not this week. Texans 31-17

STEELERS @ JETS (-1)- Hmm, here is an interesting one. The Jets are surprisingly better than awful and the Steelers have just been plain awful. I picked up the Jets defense for one of my fantasy football teams, which shows how much faith I have in the Steelers offense. However, how..ever, I just can't envision the Steelers going 0-5. Steelers 9-7 

BENGALS @ BILLS (+6.5)- It is the moment I know you have all been waiting for, the debut of Thad Lewis! I know, I know, I've never heard of him either. Super exciting, I guess? Bengals defense has been pretty good this season, so it could be tough for a new QB to jump on in and have success. On the other side of this, Bengals don't really have much to go on when facing Lewis. Nevertheless, I think everything favors Cincy. Bengals 24-10

TITANS @ SEAHAWKS (-13.5)- Okay, yeah, the Titans are gonna rely on Fitzmagic this week, but I still feel they deserve a little more respect from the spreadmakers up on high. Almost two touchdown underdogs. I am not going to go so far as to say they will beat the Seahawks, but I feel like they will give them a run for their money. Yes, I know I have been all about sticking with the Seahawks while they're hot and I did. Again, I am not saying they will lose, I'm just saying it won't be a blowout. Seahawks 21-16

JAGUARS @ BRONCOS (-27)- Wow, 27 point spread? You don't often see a spread this large in the NFL, but this is one that somehow seems like it could be covered. I don't have the official numbers in front of me, but I believe Peyton Manning is averaging approximately 700 yards and five touchdowns a game or something to that extent. The Jaguars don't have that much offense on the All of that being said, it is still tough to pick a team to cover such a monstrous spread. Especially with Henne Penny now at the quarterback spot for the Jags against that less than stellar Broncos pass D, right? Broncos 42-17

CARDINALS @ NINERS (-10.5)- The Niners seem to be clicking again and, while the Cards are feisty, I think they will fall just short of the road upset this week.The thing to watch closely is the running back job in 'Zona. "The Duke" Andre Ellington is not far from knocking Rashard Mendenhall right down the depth chart. Niners 24-20

SAINTS @ PATRIOTS (-2)- First Gronk would most assuredly be back for this game, then he is questionable, now he is borderline doubtful, by game time he may be perhapsable. Sorry, that's not a word. Perhapsible. Gronk could be the biggest factor in this game. Or rather whether or not he plays could be the biggest factor. The Patriots offense has yet to have any continuity this season and the Saints have a pretty good pass defense. Actually their defense in general is pretty good. Getting Gronk back would be huge for Tommy Brady, says Captain Obvious, but either way I think the Pats may still may be in trouble in this one. Saints 21-17

REDSKINS @ COWBOYS (-5.5)- The Redskins have not been good. Their only win came against a spotty Raiders team, albeit in the Black Hole, and that made them 1-3. Normally an 0-3 start would spell doom for a team in the NFL, but not for the Skins. They are a mere half game out of first place in the NFC East. Yup, no one in in the NFC East is even up to .500 on the season. So, hypothetically, even the winless Giants are still in the hunt. A win this week for Washington would be huge and would and next week would be the first game of the rest of their season! Yes, that is true, anyways, but you see what I am getting at here, can't you? Bad news is the 'Skins pass defense is one of the worst in the league this season and, oh yeah, Tony Romo threw for over 500 yards last week against a porous pass defense. Cowboys 35-21

COLTS @ CHARGERS (+1.5)- I am still not quite sure what to make of the Colts. They added Trent Richardson to help run Pep's power running game and I still wasn't sold. The win over Seattle last week, though, nudges me a bit in the right direction. I don't expect a defensive slugfest here and I still do not have faith in Philip Rivers. To me Rivers is the AFC's Jay Cutler. take that any way you would like. Colts 28-23

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