Thursday, October 03, 2013


BILLS @ BROWNS (-3.5)- Well, Thursday night is upon us, once again! Tonight is the Hardscrabble Bowl as dubbed by, well, me. A game against two fine working-class cities, I think this most aptly defines these teams, fanbases and matchups. When these two team get together you can be sure that you will see some wildly epic, special teams play!

These two have a history of playing close, hard fought games.

2006- Browns win 20-17.

2007- Browns 8-0. Aptly dubbed the Snow Bowl, Browns won in blizzard-like conditions

2008- Browns 29-27. The Monday Nighter where "Captain Checkdown" Trent Edwards threw three picks in the Bills first four possessions.

2009- Browns 6-3. Not quite as exciting as the high score indicates, Browns won despite their QB Derek Anderson going 2-17 for 23 yards. You read that correctly, 2-17, for 23 yds.

2010- Bills 13-6. A big upset as the 2-10 Bills defeat the 5-7 Browns. Epic.

2012- Bills 24-24. Compared to most recent battles between these two teams this was a blowout! A two score victory, talk about a laugher!

So the Bills are on a roll, winning back to back battles, after dropping several straight to the Brownies, but can they keep it going? Well, The Bills may have one the last two Hardscrabble Bowls but the Browns are winning now, so...Browns 16-13

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