Saturday, September 28, 2013


No, nothing to do with London Fletcher-Baker, it is time for the continuation of the NFL's foreign soil skirmish. Word on the street is there are two games in London this season, and while we would never think of sending the Brits a good game, this year they may actually get a good matchup. I said "may".

"Look kids, Big Ben.....Parliament."
VIKINGS VS. STEELERS (-2.5) (@ London....England)-  Big Ben versus Cassel? How appropriate for the Bruohaha in Britain, as it will be called when you tell the tales of this skirmish to your grandkids years down the road as you prepare to watch it on ESPN Classic VIII.. Will it it be a good game? I mean, maybe? At the very least this matchup does not appear to be too lopsided, so a close game can very well be expected. I mean the Steelers have looked pretty bad and the Vikings lost to the Browns. I might say, "no offense Browns fans", but come on, you know. It is hard to go against Big Ben, in London, right?! Steelers 21-18

RAVENS @ BILLS (+3)- The Bills just seem to build hope and then knock it all down like a Jenga tower when the bratty kid, mad he wasn't invited to play, rolls on by. I refuse to believe the Jets are good or that CJ Spiller forgot how to run or, at the very least, hold onto the football. CJ, you are killing my fantasy team, dude. Pick it up! I don't think I am alone in not knowing what to make of this season's Ravens. I mean I am not a fan of Flacco and think he is overrated, but that doesn't mean he can't win football games. Ray Rice should be back (he has been killing fantasy team #2) this week and, although they rolled without him last week, I think he will be a big factor and he is no Whatshisname Powell. Ravens 23-17

BENGALS @ BROWNS (+3.5)- Perfect trap game, here. Bengals are rolling and stunned the Green Bay Packers last week. However on the other side of that coin the Browns stunned everyone by winning, at Minnesota, with Brian Hoyer as their QB! Despite the current one game winning streak by the Brownies, on paper, using numbers and logic and whatnot, still gotta go with the Bengals in the Ohio Bowl. Bengals 23-14

COLTS @ JAGUARS (+8.5)- The Colts will now have Trent Richardson almost fully up to speed with the offensive plays and such, which vastly improves this Colts offense. Granted not sure they would need that upgrade to beat the Jaguars and the worst helmets in NFL history. Colts 28-7

SEAHAWKS @ TEXANS (+2)- For now, until someone proves otherwise, the 'Hawks are the NFC favorites and you gotta ride that wave like Swayze in Point Break. Seahawks 27-21
CARDINALS @ BUCCANEERS (-2.5)- All anyone can talk about on the one NFL show I was watching that was talking about it at the time, is Josh Freeman. Freeman thinks a trade is the best option and that may be so for both parties and I am sure the value for a guy who just got benched in favor of Mike Glennon is fairly high. I think we all thought that Glennon- Freeman thing was going to be Rodgers-Favre all over again, am I right?! Yeah, I had never heard of Glennon before this week either. Cardinals 30-9

BEARS @ LIONS (-3)- Pretty much a toss up. I don't trust Jay Cutler as far as I can throw him...and with my bad hip, I shouldn't be throwing anything. There's just something that just has me not fully on board with the Lions, though. I feel like the Bears "D" trumps the Lions "O". Bears 27-23

GIANTS @ CHIEFS (-4)- Considering how just utterly, totally, awful the G-Men looked last week, the Chiefs don't seem to be getting much love, here. Chiefs defense has been good, and the Giants managed no points against Carolina's defense, last week, soooo....On the road in what is known to be a tough venue for vistors, really cannot go and pick the Giants. Over/ under on the Eli "aw shucks" face is set fairly low right now, at seven. Chiefs 28-10

JETS @ TITANS (-3.5)- The Jets have been much better than I thought they would be.Sure, I still think they are awful, but weeks ago, I thought they were putrid, so they're moving up. Who knows, I may, at some point, upgrade them to questionable. Not this week though. Titans 21-16

COWBOYS @ CHARGERS (+2)- Romo verus Rivers?! I think it is safe to say we all had this matchup circled when this season's schedule was released, right?! No? Cowboys 24-21

REDSKINS @ RAIDERS (+3.5)- Terelle Pryor is sort of the poor man's RG III. Pryor was also concussed or something and may not play. Either way, I think this will be the 'Skins best defensive game of the season. Redskins 24-16

EAGLES @ BRONCOS (-11)- Everyone sort of jumped off that Chip Kelly/Eagles bandwagon like it was the Titanic after it lost that game of chicken to the iceberg. Broncos 31-21

PATRIOTS @ FALCONS (-2)- Not really sold on either team right now, but I have a hunch the Pats could be in trouble on Sunday night. Their defense appears good, but they have not exactly been defending against any offensive juggernauts. Falcons 27-17

DOLPHINS @ SAINTS (-6.5)- The Dolphins are 3-0. 3-0! What?! I am not sure how this is possible, but it happened, so let's just get over it and move on. Welcome to 3-1, Miami. Saints 23- 11

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