Thursday, September 05, 2013


Huh? What? Could it be? Is Bitterness back? Don't adjust your monitors (all five of you), Bitterness is indeed back! Now we have a lot to get to but there will be plenty of time for that, my friends. This is just a quick "howdoyado" first game of the NFL season post. Season and more week one predictions are soon to come. But this one is all about the opener. After staring at fantasy lineups for days upon weeks, there is an actual game to watch! Actual stats will accumulate! Not only that, but it should be a good game, in theory! Huzzah! Let's do it to it!

RAVENS @ BRONCOS (-7.5)- Nothing like a playoff rematch in primetime to kick off a season, am I right? That's rhetorical. Of course I'm right! Don't worry, you'll learn. After basically handing the Ravens a trip to the AFC Championship game on a silver platter last winter, you know the Broncos are looking for revenge. First game of the regular season would totally atone for losing out on a chance to get to the Super Bowl, right? Well, maybe not, but it will still feel good, I would reckon.The Ravens will not have Ray Lewis, and let's face it, more importantly, God, with them for the first time in quite some time.

That's rough. No more Ed Reed either. Well, supposedly the Ravens have done themselves good in making up for these losses. Well, isn't that what they all say? They will certainly get tested early, trying to stymy Peyton Manning. Most think the Ravens will be fine, and I am sure they will, but will they be as good as they were last season? Well, I don't think so, but what do I know, I thought Boku would be around forever?

Turns out Richard Lewis and I both backed the wrong horse there. Anyways on with the prediction. It will be close for awhile, but Broncos will pull away in the Mile High air so as to let Joe Flacco get lucky once again. BRONCOS 31-21

Tune in this weekend for even more predictions and random, yet irrelevant product placement.

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