Thursday, September 12, 2013


Thursday Night Football still isn't quite ingrained in the old noggin', quite like Monday Night Football. I will say I was not an initial fan of Thursday Night Football, but I am starting to come around. Since Gil Grissom left CSI, I have had a bit of a void in my life on Thursday nights. Slowly I am coming to terms with the fact this is something of an event that I can partake of on Thursday night. I still have some

My biggest qualm is that it really crunches into the days of the week where I do not have to pay attention to my gambling fantasy football habit. So many things must be submitted, or what have you, by Thursday instead of Sunday morning. For those not up on first grade arithmetic or the days of the weeks, that's like four fewer days! Well, anyways, that's enough of that rant...for now.

Last week, I was able to pick the Thursday night game, thanks in part to Peyton Manning throwing a butt load of touchdown passes. Manning is currently on pace to throw 112 touchdowns on the season, which would be a record. This week, we get the blood feud that is Jets-Patriots...

JETS @ PATRIOTS (-11.5) - Well, I am sure when most fans think of this matchup, they think of, well....

Yep, the butt fumble heard 'round the world. This, of course, will be the play that will be the football moment forever associated with Mark Sanchez, unless he leads a team to a Super Bowl W.....sorry I had to stop for laughter. I couldn't even finish that sentence. Anyways...

Say what you will about the Jets this season (and believe me, I will) but they are currently tied with the Patriots for first in the AFC East. Sure, they needed a bone-headed play in week one to get there, but they're there!

The thing about week two predictions, and well early season predictions in general, is hard to know the reasons for things happening. What do I mean? I am so very glad you asked! So, for instance,it's hard to tell if the Patriots barely squeaked one out against Buffalo last week because they are far worse than expected or because the Williams are much better than expected. I am sort of "a little from column A, a little from column B" on that one, but it is just too early too tell.

Judging by the spread it seams like most people are still on board with the Patriots' "greatness" and the Jets' "not-so-greatness". I tend to agree or at the very least think the Jets are worse than Buffalo. Plus this is in New England, in prime time, and in a short week. Patriots 31-17

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