Thursday, September 26, 2013


Once again (weekly one might say) we have arrived at Thursday, so of course that means Friday is on deck and the weekend is in the hole and, oh yeah, there's a game of professional pigskin (mmmm, pigskin!) to be played! Yep, we got ourselves a rivalry as old as, I dunno, your dad or uncle, maybe?

Oh, it is an NFC West bruhaha of the highest (well, 2nd highest) caliber! Rams-Niners, Kaepernick-Bradford, Harbaugh-Fisher, Boldin-....well you get the gist of it. Both teams have lost two straight, so there's a good chance one losing streak ends tonight. Now, if that don't get you pumped then, well, I cannot help you, friend!

NINERS @ RAMS (+3.5) - Look, the Niners are reeling. With the Seahawks magic number to win the division now at 12, a distinct possibilty that the Niners could be 2.5 games back after tonight, and Colin Kaepernick trying to hone in on Joe Flacco's McDonald's Mighty Wings in a poor, poor nod to the Jordan-Bird Mickey D's commercials of yore, things are not all kittens and rainbows in the Bay Area. Is it time to panic? Yes, Niners fans, panic! Alex Smith is 3-0 without a turnover for crying out loud! Of course it's not time to panic, you nitwits! It's week three! Lose tonight, then we'll see.

The Rams are like the gimmicky, glitzy upstart pick of sorts, at least to the extent that people think they are loaded with talent and potential, but whom no one thinks is a playoff team just yet. I really have nothing to add to that. Niners 24-17.

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