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The season started already, but that Ravens-Broncos game was just an appetizer and it's time for the main course. A full slate of games and a lot of good looking matchups are on the docket for Sunday and Monday, and I, for one, cannot wait. How happy are who people who save hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico? As happy as me when week one finally gets underway! Alright, let's get to the good stuff!

NEW ENGLAND @ BUFFALO (+9.5)- There was a time, back in the day, when the Buffalo Williams served up a heaping helping of humble pie to Tom Brady and the Pats in a season opener. I am very much in the minority in actually believing there could be an actual upset here in week 1. My thinking is this, Brady has a lot of new receivers and while some are receiving rave reviews thus far, the Pats have a lot of wrinkles in the playbook that may be tricky to pickup. On the other side of the ball you got yourself the talented EJ Manuel. I mean he may not be the next Alex Van Pelt, sure, but he is pretty good. Manuel can scramble, plus the Pats' secondary is not exactly top notch, so they may have their hands full. My boldest prediction in what looks to be a pretty exciting week one, Bills 31-30

TENNESSEE @ PITTSBURGH (-7)- A few years ago this would be a prime matchup, but both teams have recently fallen a bit from grace. The once staunch Steelers offensive line, is like a bunch of swining gates these days, hindering the running game and leaving Big Ben to run for his life, way too often. This one is somewhat close to call but the Steelers have a better defense and Roethlisbeger trumps Locker nine times out of ten. Steelers 21-10  

ATLANTA @ NEW ORLEANS (-3)- This is a humdinger of an opener. The Saints and Falcons should be fighting it out for the NFC Central title all season. Stevie Jackson is an upgrade at RB for the Falcons, giving a team that was a game away from the Super Bowl last season, yet another offensive weapon. Saints were down a bit last year, but with Sean Payton back at the helm, the offense should be firing on all cylinders. This game is more or less a pick 'em, so I am thinking I will go with the home team. Saints 35-31

TAMPA BAY @ NEW YORK JETS (+3.5)- Ah, the Jets. They should be pretty atrocious this season and I will enjoy every last minute of it! Not even sure we have to say much more than that, right? Well, okay, I don't think the Buccos are exactly world beaters, but Geno Smith is facing them. Nothing against Geno, but the losing quarterback from last season's Pinstripe Bowl looked anything but good in the preseason. The fact he was named starter just shows you how much worse Mark Sanchez has looked. Now, some people are not the type to say I told you so. I, however, am not one of those people. I told the world, or at least several people, ages ago, that Dirty Sanchez was highly overrated. It was well before the "butt fumble", which might very well be the play that will forever be associated with Sanchez's life/career. Buccaneers 27-17

KANSAS CITY @ JACKSONVILLE (+4)- The good news for Jaguars fans (they exist right?) is this team will not be nearly as bad as last season's squad. The bad news is, the Jaguars will still not be very good. Blaine Gabbert is one of the least efficient passers in the NFL and despite having a receiver named Cecil Shorts, the jags will still struggle mightily. The Chieves, on the other hand, will be much better than last season and fairly decent. Alex Smith got the old Drew Bledsoe treatment, losing his starting job while he was injured. Smith was on his way to his best NFL season when he was injured and now he is teamed up with Andy Reid. Say what you will about Reid, you know like he is a terrible game manager, looks like Garfield, whatever you want, but he puts together good offenses. The Chieves are a borderline playoff team in my mind, and I think it will be a big day for Jamal Charles and Alex Smith. Chieves 42-13

CINCINNATI @ CHICAGO (-3)- I like the idea of Marc Trestman as a head coach, but not sure how it will go for him. Trestman is supposedly some sort of quarterback whisperer which still may not be enough to help Jay Cutler. The Bengals are pretty good, but not great. I am just not sold on them taking the next step. This should be a good game, but I think the Bears will pull it out at Soldier Field with a big day from Matt Forte. Bears 27-21

MIAMI @ CLEVELAND (-1.5)- The Dolphins added Mike Wallace as a deep threat, but there are still a lot of question marks surrounding this year's squad. There's almost as many questions marks surrounding the Dolphins as there are surrounding Brandon Weeden. Weeden may never be the answer, but the Browns offensive should be much improved. Neither team should be in the playoff hunt but, as of now everyone is even in the standings. Brownies 14-10

SEATTLE @ CAROLINA (+3.5)- This should not even require thinking. The Seahawks have a very good defense and a pretty good offense. The Panthers have, well, um Cam Newton and a lot of holes.Newton can be dominant, that's for sure, but he still makes bad decisions and has not shown he can carry a team on his back. Seahawks 35-7

MINNESOTA @ DETROIT (-4)- Lions had a disappointing season last year coming off a playoff season. so the big question is, which Lions team will show up this year? I think Matthew Stafford is gonna have himself a big ol' year and the addition of Reggis Bush makes the Lions "O" even more formidable. The Vikings could be this season's Lions. Despite having the best running back (player?) in the league, there is still the quarterback position, among other things, to "ponder" (see what I did there?). Vikes "D" will get knocked around a bit here, but AP should keep the Vikings in the game.Lions 24-17

OAKLAND @ INDIANAPOLIS (-10)- While I am not thinking the Colts will necessarily repeat last season's success, the Raiders should be all sorts of bad. Colts 44-6

ARIZONA @ ST. LOUIS (-4.5)- The Cards added Carson Palmer, which should be a big help for their offense and most of all, for Larry Fitz. Fitzy had a down season last year and although Carson Palmer is not the Carson Palmer of old, he is certainly an upgrade from what the Cards trotted out there last season. The Rams should be feisty as well and this could be a big match-up in the battle for third place in the NFC West. Rams 20-17

GREEN BAY @ SAN FRANCISCO (-4.5)- One of the bigger games of this opening weekend, this looks to be a dandy little skirmish. Let me take this moment to say I am not on the Colin Kaepernick bandwagon. Yeah, he got the Niners to the Super Bowl, but I am still not sold. Now that the league has had time to prepare, let's see what he can do, that's what I'm saying.Packers 35-31

NEW YORK GIANTS @ DALLAS (-3.5)- While I don't tend to care much about either of these teams, this will probably be a close (I was very careful to not use the word "good") game. Seems like the road teams have been winning the 1st matchup of the season between these two NFC East rivals. However I don't think it'll happen this time around. Cowboys 28-23

PHILADELPHIA @ WASHINGTON (-3.5)- Redskins start their NFC East title defense at home against the Iggles. Vick vs. RG III. That's what everyone will be tuning in for, right? This one does not figure to be a good old-fashioned slobberknocker. Look for a shootout, my friends. Eagles 38-35

HOUSTON @ SAN DIEGO (+4)- The token, second Monday Night Football game that most on the east coast don't even watch because of work on Tuesday and most of the rest of the world doesn't watch because it's a terrible matchup on paper. Chargers are on the downslide and the Texans have been sliding in the opposite direction. That being said, this is actually one of the better looking far as the back half of the opening Monday Night doubleheaders goes.That being said, I think the Texans pull away handily in the end. Texans 28-17.

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