Friday, September 20, 2013


So as I looked at the lines for the upcoming week in the NFL, I noticed that I like a fari amount of underdogs this week.

By my count, I picked six, count 'em six, underdogs this week, to cover the spread. Whether I am correct or just delusional, well that remains to be seen. Thus far I have been doing a solid job, going 22-9-1 against the spread so far. This is somewhat unprecedented for the "Bitter One", and this could very well be the week that the good picks comes to a crashin hault. Guess time will tell?

CHARGERS @ TITANS (-3)- I just....I can't...I don't. This game does not interest me. Both teams have played the Texans. Chargers lost by less, ispo facto, Chargers win. Chargers 24-21

BROWNS @ VIKINGS (-5.5)- Ahhh, the Brownies. They hung in there last week against the Ravens, but they have only scored 16 points on the season. I don't envision the Browns offense, all of the sudden, lighting it up in week three. Vikings 23-9

BUCCANEERS @ PATRIOTS (-7)- At some point the Patriots will start blowing lesser teams out, right? Right?! I mean, it's the Patriots, for crying out loud! Tampa Bay's defense has been pretty good thus far and the Pats offense is struggling. I feel like, on paper, the Pats should struggle in this one, but part of me thinks the Pats could pull off the ol' lopsided victory this week, like the Pats of old. Ya know, last year's team. Patriots 23-10

TEXANS @ RAVENS (+2.5)- Ravens avoided falling to 0-2, but that could be due in large part to drawing the aforementioned Brownies, in week two. Ravens have not looked great and now Ray Rice is questionable, which makes the Ravens offense even more questionable. Texans 24-14

RAMS @ COWBOYS (-3.5)- Tony Romo is forever on my list (trust me you do not want to be there) after I was saddled with him as QB1 in fantasy football last season. I mean how does a QB play a full game and get zero points, for pete's sake?! That being said, Cowboys at home, against the Rammers? Cowboys 31-24

CARDINALS @ SAINTS (-7.5)- Saints are 2-0 which, sure, is fine, but where's the high-scoring offense we were promised? Is being hidden somewhere with my jetpack?  Arizona has allowed 48 points in two games and given up some big pass plays. I can feel it, this is the week we see an offensive explosion from the Saints. TBD on the jetpacks. Saints 38-31

LIONS @ REDSKINS (-1.5)- The Skins are not off to the greatest start in the world. To say the Skins defense has been awful, would be quite the understatement. Washington's pass defense has been a civ and this week they draw Megatron. Lions 35-31

PACKERS @ BENGALS (+2)- The Bengals defense is somewhere between the Niners and the Redskins, but leaning a bit more towards the Niners end of the spectrum. We're not looking at a shootout nor a slobberknocker here, folks. Packers 27-20

GIANTS @ PANTHERS (-1.5)- I will bash the Giants plenty as the season progresses, trust me, but are they really underdogs against the Panthers? The Carolina Panthers? The thing about the Giants is, they always find a way to build my hopes up that they are really, really awful. Then, out of nowhere, just when I start to believe that life is good, skipping on down the primrose path, little cartoon bluebirds perched upon my shoulder singing a delightful tune, the Giants rattle off like seven straight wins. That annoying habit of theirs will begin to manifest itself this week. Giants 21-10

FALCONS @ DOLPHINS (-2)- I realize this is in Miami and the Dolphins are 2-0 and Steven Jackson is out for the Falcons and the Falcons let the Rams right back into last week's game, but still, two point favorites? Against the Falcons? Really? The Dolphins beat the Colts and the Browns. The Browns, are, well, my mom said, "If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your piehole shut!"(actually the Browns D has been fairly solid), and the Colts almost lost to the Raiders. The Raiders hardly looked dominant against the Jaguars. The Jaguars are more or less the consesus worst team in the NFL this season. It's simple math, kids. Falcons 21-17.

COLTS @ 49ERS (-10.5)- Andrew Luck returns to the Bay Area this week and as homecoming gift the Colts brass grabbed him a good running back. What's that? Luck already had Ahmad Bradshaw? Hahaha, good one! While it'll be tough to see the impact right away, since Richardson faces one of the toughest run defenses in all the land, down the road this should pay big dividends for Indy. 49ers 21-10

JAGUARS @ SEAHAWKS (-19.5)- Well, it only took about 112 game minutes into the season, but the Jaguars did it! They scored an offensive touchdown! Huzzah! Baby steps, Jaguars fans, baby steps. Seahawks 20-6

BILLS @ JETS (-2.5)- Am I the only one who believes in the Williams? Hmmm? I am serious, am I? EJ Manuel is coming into is own and CJ Spiller's best is still yet to come, in my mind. Don't be fooled folks, the Jets are really bad, I swear to Jon Kitna. Bills 17-14.

BEARS @ STEELERS (+2.5)- The Bears are undefeated through two weeks, while the Steelers are, well, defeated. It's glum times in the Steel City, for sure and any glimmer of hope could be eliminated this week. Bears 21-10

RAIDERS @ BRONCOS (-14.5)- The Broncos have scored over 40 points in both games this season and the Raiders are, well, the Raiders. As electrifying as Terrell Pryor may be, this one does not look to be an instant classic. Broncos 35-19

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