Thursday, October 10, 2013


It's Thursday Night, y'all!

That's right, several of my overly rambunctious chums are coming to my house this evening! That was actually the original tag line for the Thursday Night Football theme song created from my mindhole, only they couldn't land Bocephus himself, Hank Williams, Jr., to put his voice to it, so they figured, what would even be the point? So they went the lame, obvious, route with a pretty feminina to blast out some lyrics that are, quite frankly, not as strong as mine.

I mean, I guess that'll work. But what are ya gonna do?

GIANTS @ BEARS (-7.5)- Can the Giants really be this bad? Is it possible? It can't be, right? It seems like every year they are mediocre, bordering on awful, to start the season when they make a late season run to make the playoffs. But the Giants are 0-5. 0 and freakin' 5! The last time the G-men were 0-5 to start a non-strike shortened season the year was 1979. I was one, ABBA was teaching the world how to love again and, and, in that year it also snowed for 30 minutes in the Sahara Desert. Probably where the saying, "it'll be a cold day in the Sahara Desert when the Giants go 0-5" came from. What's that? What saying, you ask? Well, I dunno, but there ought to be one. No? Alright.

Anyways, my point is, this is a historically bad start for the Giants. They are well on the way to covering the over on Eli Manning "Aw shucks" faces by a hefty margin and there appears to be no hope on the horizon for the G-men or their fans.

Even if they win out, they are 11-5, and winning 11 straight after losing five straight is certainly not common place in the NFL. The Giants may be bad, but there are worse teams in the NFL. Don't worry Jaguars, I am not going to name names, but the Giants have that going for them, which is nice. They won't go 0-16. They have to be able to win at some point this season. They just do, right? Sure they do! Just not tonight. Bears 31-20

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