Saturday, October 19, 2013


So, this week, gonna cater to the modern generation and low attention spans. Yep, that's right, for each game I will cover it all in 140 characters or less! Yes, you read correctly! 140 characters or less! Huzzah! I know what you want to ask, "Are you really doing this because you are lazy and or strapped for time?" Haha, okay. On with the show!

PATRIOTS @ JETS (+3.5)- Gronk'll play!!!! Well, he'll suit up & should play. Let's call him highly probable. Brady w/ fav target who can catch?! NE 24-13

CHARGERS @ JAGUARS (+7.5)- Could it happen? Could Jags cover a spread 2 weeks in a row? Well? I mean, they still haven't lost by less than 10, sooooo...SD 31-21

TEXANS @ CHIEVES (-6.5)- How'd Texans become so, well, to put it nicely, somewhat dismal? Dominated by Rams @ HOME?! Chieves are NOT the Rams. KC 23-17

BENGALS @ LIONS (-2.5)- Can anyone read the Bengals? Anyone? Anyone? Voodoo Lions r as as unreadable as works of Susan Sontag. am I right? CIN 21-17

BILLS @ DOLPHINS (-7.5)- Classic AFC East blood feud! I'll be donning by Bills Sam Cowart jersey Sun. Thad Lewis homecoming in Mia=trouble for Phins! BUF 21-20

BEARS @ REDSKINS (PK)- Must have missed where Skins sowed something that somehow doesn'y make 'em underdogs, here. #patheticpassdefense CHI 31-23

COWBOYS @ EAGLES (-3)- See Bears-Redskins, #patheticpassdefense. Not a believe in Dal, but they r best in NFC East for now. #skiniestkidatfatcamp DAL 35-28

RAMS @ PANTHERS (-7)- #notworthonehundredandfortycharacters CAR 24-21

BUCCANEERS @ FALCONS (-7)- The injury riddles vs. the not-as-much talent-riddled. ATL 21-10

NINERS @ TITANS (+3.5)- Jake Locker is back! Well, I can certainly sleep better. Niners scored 30+ in 3 straight & Locker won't help combat that. SF 34-21

BROWNS @ PACKERS (-10)- 1 thing hope does not do in Cle, is spring eternal. #WeedenTime And now a moment of sighing in Cle. Good. GB 27-16

RAVENS @ STEELERS (-2.5)- This'll be won in the trenches #slobberknocker I feel this should be played in a downpour. Mother Nature? Lil help? BAL 16-11

BRONCOS @ COLTS (+6.5)- A red hot Peyton Manning returning to Indy? Lookout folks! #homecomingshootout DEN 37-28

VIKINGS @ GIANTS (-3.5)- Primetime against a struggling Vikings team, at home? Say hello to win #1 for the G-Men. NYG 24-14

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