Thursday, September 25, 2014


It's Thursday night football and a good portion of my undisciplined chums are headed over tonight!

Giants (+3.5) at Redskins: Alright, this Thursday night we have another division skirmish on the docket, but do we have another blowout on our hands? Last week the lopsided Thursday night game took on a new meaning, with the Falcons' dismantling of the Buccaneers, 56-14. I don't think you'll see that this week, but, what do I know, really?

Look, it's very easy to dismiss Eli having a respectable game, last week. Oh, sorry, did you think I was going to follow that up with a "but" or some sort of caveat (which I recently learned is not a sort of scarf thing; that's a cravat)? Nope, just stating a fact. Sure, Eli was decent for, arguably, the first time in 2014 and sure, it was against the defensive juggernaut that is the Texans, but, well, come on, it's still Eli.