Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well, once agian, I had fallen into a blogless coma. There was, at least, a valid reason this time. You see, "Bitterness" has moved! Well, actually, I moved. Into a house, with my special lady friend and Billy. "Come and knock on our door....." Anyways, the internet usage went down like yo mama on prom night! But now "Bitterness" is coming back with a vengeance. And the first order of business is a little weird mojo emanating from one of my favorite blogs. You see the Electric City Blog is a fine place to find some little known facts about the EC, current news on 80s baseball stars among other things. Recently the ECB had a post about 80s baseball players that should run for office. A delightfully well-written blog that had you thinking it was gonna be about the NFL Draft when all of a sudden ECP throws the good ol #2 (that's a curveball for you non-baseball fans) and hits you with three 80s baseball players that should enter the realm of politics. But here's where the weird mojo comes in. The three players were Steve Howe, Rickey Henderson and Chris Sabo. Now this blog was posted on April 25th. On April 28th Steve Howe was killed in a car crash. Now I don't want to start any sort of conspiracy theories or anything, but that's a little eerie, don't ya think. Now, of course we all know these sort of things happen in threes. The ECB listed, not one, not two, but three players. Coincidence??? I'm just saying, Sabo, Rickey, be cautious, because there are things at work in the universe right now that are far beyond everyone! Well except perhaps Madame Cleo or Darren Daulton.


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