Thursday, May 04, 2006


Welcome to my 80s baseball cafe. Now on this menu, you will not find Jim Rice, Steve Trout, Kevin Bass, Candy Maldanado or Chili Davis. Some of theses are stretch, and if you don't like it I say to you, "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH!", you try and create something!

The Jimmy Key-sadilla: A light flour tortilla, shredded chicken, colby and jack cheeses, peppers and onions. Also available with pulled pork or steak. Much like the former pitcher it's a solid starter that will get the job done.

Chris Speier Ribs:
Some succulent spare ribs to get you meal started. These babies are absolutely smothered in our delicious Rick Honeycutt Barbecue sauce, and lip-smackin good!

The Rollie Chicken Fingers: Tender pieces of chicken with your choice of barbecue, honey mustard or ranch sauce for dipping. Kick it up a notch and make it buffalo style!

Oesters on the half shell- Get your meal started with this treasure of the sea. A plate full of oysters to suck down 1-2-3!

Eichhorn Bread: Delicious honey hush corn bread.

Odibeans and rice: What?! It's beans and rice, you need more explantion than that. (To your right)

Danny's Heep of`Nachos: Nachos piled high with refried beans, peppers, onions, shredded cheese, with salsa and sour cream!

The Tuna Jeltz: American, Cheddar, Swiss or Provolone Cheese melted over fresh Tuna fish on your choice of white, wheat or rye bread. Named for the only player to homer from both sides of the plate in a single inning, this will tantalize your taste buds.

Balboni and Cheese: A double decker of thickly sliced German bologna with American cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato and onion and our homeade spicy, golden brown mustard on your choice of white, wheat, or potato bread.

The Winningham and Swiss: Honey baked ham, melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato all on toasted wheat bread with a bit of "Herb"s to give it some added pizazz that charcterized the former outfielder.

Hot Petralli Sandwich: Hot pastrami sandwich on Texas toast, topped with swiss cheese, saurkraut, our mystery dressing and a little bit of love!

All Burgers served with Jeff Fryes
The Sundberger-
This Texas style burger features onions, barbecue sauce, jack cheese and bacon. Like good 'ol Jim, you're gonna wanna protect your plate!

The Sandberger- A cheeseburger with mushrooms and onions, exuding class like only Ryno could.

The Bacon Cheese Baerga- Bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato on a sesame seed bun. This monster of a burger will make you wanna scream, WAHOOOOO!

The Kelly Gruberger- This is the Blue Jay burger, featuring Canadian Bacon and Blue Cheese. Quite the delicacy from across the border.

All Pastas served with a slide salad and garlic bread.
Fettucinni Alfredo Griffin:
A heeping helping of Fettuccini noodles doused in our creamy Alfredo sauce, blended with some grilled chicken. Like the 80s shortstop it doesn't have a lot of pop, but is very smooth.

Pasqua Primavera: Rotille pasta, blended with chopped broccoli, thinly sliced carrots, ripe tomatoes, onions and sliced meaty bell peppers. Seasoned with oregano, parsley and garlic this dish, like it's namesake is robust and delightful.

Righetti and Meatballs: Thin spaghetti, with thick and hearty tomato sauce topped with big thick meatballs. Like the southpaw it's named for this dish can really get the save....against hunger that is.

Buecheles and Cheese: Delicious pasta shells, stuffed with ricotta cheese, topped with mozzarella cheese and smothered in our thick and hearty tomato sauce. A pasta dish worthy of the hot corner once guarded by it's namesake.

All entrees served with your choice of potato, salad or soup
sted Chicken: An oven-roasted chicken breast, seasoned to perfection with a handful of herbs and spices. A classy and spophisticated dish reminiscent of the former Twins firstbaseman.

Chet Lemon Chicken: A grilled chicken breast marinated in lemon juice and spices. A tantalizing dish, as breathtaking as the former Tigers outfielder himself.

Baby Backman Ribs: Mmmm. Ribs. Succulent baby back ribs, smeared in mouth-watering barbecue sauce, that practically fall off the bone! When these arrive you'll head for the plate, much like the steady second baseman they were named after.

Chicken Pecota: A full breast of grilled chicken topped with lemon juice, capers and a dash of paprika. Unlike it's namesake, this dish hits well above the mendoza line.

Pineapple Upside Downs Cake: A delightful dessert topped with real pineapple slices, marashino cherries and a topping made with brown sugar.

Brett Pudding- Old-fashioned bread pudding with raisins, sans the pine tar.

Apple Browne Jerry- A fine treat with apple, bread crumbs, and cinnamon. So delectable you'll wanna scarf it up faster than Jerry could dash from first to home.

Chocolate Tueffel Cake- Deliciously sinful, this chocolate masterpiece is rich and delish!

The Tanana Split- Go Bananas with this one folks! One banana + three scoops of ice cream+chocolate sauce+whipped cream+a cherry on top= Yummy!

Chocolate Bream Pie- A dessert worthy of the mustached first baseman, it's rich, smooth and chocolatey. Topped with whipped cream, mmmmm!

Quisenberry Pie-
Fresh picked quisenberries baked into a pie, toppped with whipped cream to close it out!

Hope you enjoyed and look for our breakfast menu coming soon.....


  1. This might be the greatet blog entry of all time. Will, you are my blogging idol!

  2. Sorry buddy, but Carlos Baerga did not play in the 80s.
    Jitter, and Ohio, Technicality

  3. Oh Jitter it doesn't say they played in the majors in the 80s.