Tuesday, May 23, 2006



While fans in the Bay Area were ooohing and ahhing over Barry Bonds, they may have missed the biggest signing of all. The Giants signed minor league lifer Kelly Leak to a fifteen day contract. Leak was a budding prospect back in the early 80s, but never really panned out. Bouncing around the minors for what was closing in on thirty years. He took some time off from 2000-2004 to be with his wife of 22 years Amanda and their seven kids. Seen as a risk early on in his career, due to his reckless motorbiking, Leak has settled down and mellowed, but only a bit. At age 42, Leak's still maintains the long flowing hair he did as a child, luckily the style has made somewhat of a comeback. Leak tried out for the Ginats after losing a bet to the high school team he coaches. Well, Leak has got his shot and looks to make the best of his opportunity, but is not expecting too much. But for a little over a fortnight Leak will have his time in the sun. Good luck and godspeed to you Kelly Leak!

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