Monday, October 16, 2006


It seems, that here at "Bitterness" we have been very one-dimensional lately, and that's just not right. So we've decided, in honor of the baseball playoffs being in full swing (Go Tigers, do it for Larry Herndon) to start the 80s Baseball Book Club. Here are just a few to wet the appettite in our first installment, with the first few to honor the final three teams still alive in the MLB Playoffs:

HERZOG: A well told tale of the life and times of Whitey Herzog. From his playing days with the Washington Senators all the way to his managerial heyday with the St. Louis Cardinals. His style of play was nicknamed "Whiteyball" based on the premise of defense speed and pitching. Herzog's philosophy also revolved around patient hitters. Sound familiar Billy Beane?

A psychological tale of revenge, mystery and and a man who played many positions.

KEITH BE NOT PROUD: A refreshingly revealing portrait of a brilliant young ballplayer with a killer mustache. He is Keith Hernandez. This one is non-stop mustache ride! A real page turner!

A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S BREAM: This is a wonderfully delightful read. featuring Sid Bream and a series of unforgettable adventures. You will enjoy the other colrful characters such as Puckett and O'Brien. A classic if ever there were one. Oh and Bream also sported a pretty sweet stache in his onw right.

Ayn Rand's classic novel, that she considered her magnum opus, whatever the heck that means. It of course follows Atlee Hammaker as he tries to put the weight of the world on his shoulders. It hits a lot of life's great topics, such as social classes and the theory of sex.

HOWARD'S END: This follows the gripping tale of Howard "HoJo" Johnson right up until he called it quits. Through championships with both the Tigers and the Mets (hmm, interesting) all through the rough patch where he was falsely connected with the Howard Johnson hotel chain. Little known fact that until David Wright did it in '06 , Johnson was the last Met to win the NL Player of the Month. But every fairy tale must come to an end and that is what this is all about. (Tear)

A FAREWELL TO ARMAS: One of the best sluggers of the 80s, Tony Armas was a tribute to Venezuela. From Pittsburgh to Oakland to Boston to California, he touched the lives of many a baseball fan. But this brings us his final season and a tearful farewell to one of the 80s' best! He is now a Hall of Famer. In the Venezuelan Hall of Fame of course. With special prologue by Joe Sambito.

Well there you have it, the first selections of the 80s Baseball Book Club, hope you enjoy and happy reading!

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