Monday, October 30, 2006


Alright, so, I'm moving so had to slap this weeks picks together pretty quickly. Just take it all in, as this will be the last "Bitterness" blog for about a week or so.
Here are some quick hitters to lead you in:

A fond farewell to Red Auerbach, the greatest coach in NBA history. You'll be missed.

Joe Theismann you suck. Seriously GO.... AWAY!

At what point in Barry Pepper's childhood did he realize that he shouldn't become a doctor.

I'm in a fantasy hockey league. I know nothing about the NHL. Apparently there are no more Nordiques, Jets or Whalers. Travesty. My team name, cause I know you want to know....Bourque Chops. That's right in honor of Phil Bourque. Oh yes and I've won both games I've played so far, good enough for fourth place!

Possible Fantasy Basketball team name....Sandpiper Air

Well Ocho Cinco did score a touchdown against the Falcons but the Bengals fell short once again. That makes this battle crucial from the sons of the Queen City. Ravens take it 24-13

I guess the Dolphins could be better than the 49ers, but that's not saying a whole lot. Who thought Dolphins fans would be pining for Mr. Potato Head himself Jay Fiedler? Actually Joey Harrington through for more yards than any other NFL quarterback in Week 7 in a losing effort. Of course when you throw 62 times I guess you're bound to rack up some yards. Bears maul the Dolphins, I dunno 87-6

Well here's a game I could care less about. The Redskins are just plain bad, while the Cowboys are slightly above mediocre. I guess go with the Romo-sapien and the 'Boys 27-17.

The Bills have a shot if they can hold down a gunslinger with and unsung passion for the game. Sorry, not likely Bills fans. Favre slings the Packers to victory 35-31

Hmmmm? The Jaguars get crushed by the Texans (I'm pretty sure no one has ever been crushed by the Texans, except their fans, the research team is still looking into it) and the beat the Eagles in Philly? Enigma thy name is Jaguar...s. Jags slow the young Young down and win it 23-17

Kitna vs. Vick. You'll here about it all week my friends, so let me get it started. The QB matchup everyone marked on their schedules at the beginning of the season. And rest assured it'll be just as advertised. Kitna and the Lions roll......over and lose it 38-24

I CANNOT believe the Texans had their one game winning streak snapped. Man! I think the Giants can handle the upstart Houstons 21-7

This has the chance to be a decent game. Damon Huard is not as full of suck as most people thought and no one really thinks the Rams are good. It's in St. Louis, which happpens to be the most dangerous city in America (congrats, by the way) so I give the Rams a slight edge 48-42

Saints alive New Orleans got tossed around in week 8! I know what you want to know, "Gee, will they bounce back?" The answer is "no". It's B-Grad's time. Just give him the ball and let him create! And create he will. In my upset special of the week I pick the Bucs to win it, that's right, win it 17-16.

The Vikes didn't look good on Monday night, but now they get the Niners, so there! Vikes take it 27-16.

I bet a lot of you idiot journalists marked this one down as a key matchup in the Keystone State, when you saw it on the schedule at the beginning of the season. Good call. But the Steelers got smothered by the Raiders defense last week and, well, despite being shown up by Peyton Manning, the Broncos "D" is more than a tad bit better than the Raiders "D". Denver wins it 24-13

Sure the Browns are riding that one game hot streak, but the Chargers are pretty good so I think they'll win 31-20

- This should be a dandy, but I just don't know if the Pats can pull it out. They'll have that field extra sloppy for Peyton and company, but will it be enough? Oh and did anyone else catch the Monday Night team saying how Brady is not really as commercial or that recognizable? I'm pretty sure a few folks outside of New England have heard of him and as my esteemed colleague Bill pointed out, "He's hosted Saturday Night Live for God's sake! I'm going against my better judgement and picking the hometown team. Pats 31-27

Seriously, why are the Raiders on in primetime for a third time? Wasn't once too many? Well the Raiders are riding a 2 game winning streak, something I didn't think I'd be typing at all this season, but even with that being treu and Seneca Wallace at the helm the Seahawks win it 27-20

Dem's myn picks and I'm stickin to 'em!

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