Friday, March 16, 2007


The first day of the tournament was not quite as mad as it could have been. While there were some good games, there were not a lot of surprises. The biggest "upset" was Virginia Commonwealth over 6-seeded Duke, which while it was an upset, it didn't come as much of a surprise.
We of course will bask in the glory of Duke's demise to no end. It seemed a lot of the underdogs just didn't have enough steam to finish the job. Oral Roberts was up two at the half, but in the second half the Cougars of Washingon State pulled away. Davidson played the David to Maryland's Goliath pretty well, but in the end Dell Curry's son, Stephen, just didn't have enough rocks in his slingshot and it was "The Straw" Darryl Strawberry's kin DJ, that advanced. But not to worry, Davidson will use the Dell Curry connection t help recruit, seeing if one of Larry "The Sperm Factory" Johnson's illegitimate kids is available, as Kelly Tripucka's kids are all too old by now.

Anyways, upsets we picked that did not come to fruition include Texas Tech, Wright State, Old Dominion, and Gonzaga, but luckily I only managed to lose one Sweet Sixteen far.
Much of the early afternoon was filled playing what I have dubbed the "Balki Game", where you pick who would win between the teams monikers and or mascots. Like who would between a Commodore and a Minuteman? Who could a Chanticleer beat? Who could beat a Golden Griffin? Could a Pheonix beat a Griffin? Who would beat the Dragons? Possibly the Black or Scarlet Knights? Who exactly could the Centenary Gentlemen beat? The Friars? Demon Deacons? What exactly is a Zip? How 'bout The Green Wave versus the Crimson Tide? Hurricanes versus Cyclones? It's minutes of fun!

Here's what to watch for in Day 2 of the tournament:

Reggie Theus having to look down his bench and wish he had Teddy Bear or Vince D'Amata to go in. Brian Lillis' hair, alone, dominating the Cavaliers of Virginia. Winthrop avoiding being Lose-throp against the Fighting Irish. A Creighton-Nevada game that could be the game of the day, aside from Albany's upset of UVA of course. Enjoy your day two!

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