Saturday, March 17, 2007


This year's NCAA Men's basketball tournament has been, fairly uneventful thus far, in our minds. Only two, yes two, real upsets in the first round and we were surprised be neither! A few underdogs made some valiant efforts, but, in the end just ran out of gas, which after a steady two-day diet of beer and meats, is in abundance at Javen's abode. The lack of upsets, however, as made us a little fiesty, and not even brutal blowjob websites, could seem to turn things around. Yesterday's "highlights" included the pesky squad from Winthrop ousting Notre Dame, ECP showing up wearing jean shorts, a sweater vest and nothing else but a charming smile, the breaking of free roadside rocking chair Brian Lillis playing hard in a losing effort for UA, the invention of "Gay, Hot or Both", which is will be an Oxygen original game show soon enough, deep dish pizza from Dominos, bizarre college baketball trivia and the arrival of Billyball. But as I mentioned I think the lack of upsets and a team from Syracuse in the tournament has put us on edge. We "debated" such popular issues as the selection comittee and expanding the tournament, trickle-down economics, the nutriotional merit of beef jerky, what constitutes the "best of Schenectady", pick-pocketing, American Idol, Playboy, visible bum-cracks and flaming bags of dog poop and the human response. Plus, sadly we lost Jitter to a highly anticipated Drexel-Albany lacrosse match in Philly. I've also established that anyone who has picked more 27 or more games correctly is a borderline feminine hygiene product. Because that would mean you picked no real upsets, and that's not what March is about! I know this because just for esses and gees, I made a bracket picking the higher seed and I have 27 correct. In my "real" bracket I have 23 correct and am in a three way tie for the lead in the "1st AnnuaDiet Mr. Pibb NCAA Tournament Challenge" Now, that's how you pick 'em! Your upset of the day today is Michigan State over North Carolina. You'll see, you'll all see!

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  1. Nice way to select your picks. Most can't do much better using computer analysis.

    I am 23-9 after the first round. I just looked briefly at their records and who they had played, and made my picks.

    So hang in there. It's for fun. It is not like we could support ourselves on the money we would make better on your selections.

    Please feel free to stop by my blogs and check out my picks. Leave a post on comment if you like.