Monday, March 26, 2007


Welcome to our very first edition of "Monday Morning Nickelback". For a long time, many of our fans have wanted us to delve into the "music" scene. So we decided we'd give it a go with "Monday Morning Nickelback", a blog dedicated to one of the worst bands of all time, Nickelback. We're gonna kick it off with a little article from the Ottawa Citizen. The article lets you know that hatred toward Nickelback is recognized not only in the States, but in Canada as well. We like how they mentioned that Kurt Cobain would have been repulsed by the music of Nickelback. Well, "DUH!" Nickelback should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Nirvana. Cobain is probably rolling over in his grave for anyone even remotely connecting Nckelback to Nirvana. Just cause a band looks "grungy", doesn't make them "Grunge". Not to say "Grunge" is even the greatest musical movement of all time or anything. We're not
saying that. We all know, that honor goes to Rockabilly. I mean if they really wanted to make a real point of how bad the boys from Nickelback are, they should compare them to a band that really defines "awesome", like Seven Mary Three, who can be seen in Utica, NY on April 26. I mean let's be serious, why isn't 7M3's Jason Ross being interviewed? Now that'll move some Ottawa Citizens! The difference between what's awesome and what's not, would be so glaring....I mean, you can be sure, that 7M3 has never had batteries thrown at them in Boston, like Nickelback. Now while we do love Beantown hurling batteries at Nickelback, let's see if can't get a little more clever next time around and toss rolls of nickels at them? It's witty, can still cause some damage, but is change that the band can use in the snack machine after the show, rather than clogging it up with Canadian nickels. This way, when a kickass band like, Sevem Mary Three, comes to town that snack machine is still functioning properly, so they can stock up on Watchamacalits and Funnyuns for the road.

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