Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Yes folks there is less than 24 hours left for you to sign up for the Diet Mr. Pibb Bitterness is a Fish You Can Catch NCAA Tournament Challenge! Just go to, go to fantasy sports and sign up for the Tournament Pick 'em. Select the "Join a Group" option and enter this private league. The League ID is 89326 and the password is huzzah. It's that simple. So far there are only three brace souls who dare challenge me, so get going fools! And now a look at March Madness the Musical. Yes folks you read correctly, March Madness the Musical! March Madness the Musical features such songs as:

Bubble Bobble- "Are we in? Are we out?! We just don't know"

Selection Sunday- "Who is in? Where are they going? Who got robbbed? who doesn't belong?..."

Better Laettner than Never- " Cry, cry Thomas Hill...."

Cinderella, Cinderella-" Bippity boppity-boo! A fifteen over a two..."

Thank You, Bryce Drew- "Thank you Bryce, that was nice! Now they know, all about Valpo..."

Zags to Riches- " From underdogs to favorites, Santangelo would savor it..."

Tomorrow- "Betcha Cameron Dollar that, tomorrow....."

Buzzer Beaters- "Syracuse being out-Smart-ed, Laettner leaving Wildcats broken hearted..."

The Other Side of the Upset- " No one cares about the favorites. If we shed a tear, they'll say, 'Save it!..."

The Game Reset-"The margin is narrow so who has the arrow? The possession arrow! We need to knooooooooowwwwwwwwww...."

And much, much more!

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