Saturday, February 17, 2007


We know you've been eagerly awaing to see who the pitchers would be on our 80s All-Black Baseball Team. Well wait no longer, here it is!

What 80s black baseball team would be complete without good ol' Oil Can? Hmmm? Hmmmm?

FERGIE JENKINS- The real Fergilicious is right here. He'd probably be the fifth starter in this rotation as by the 80s he had been around a long time and was pretty old.

DAVE STEWART- Although growing up as a Red Sox fan, I really hated Dave Stewart, he was good, and deserves to be in the rotaion!

Ahhh, Doc Gooden. He went from brilliant young phenom, to a, "where are they now?" joke, to pitching a no-hitter in Yankee Stadium, back to obscurity, to retirement. But in his first few years he sure could pitch! Plus late in his career he would have to deal with the taunts of, "Ehhhhh, What's Up Doc?!"

his is one of my favorite 80s baseball names of all-time, right up there with his new teammate Razor Shines!

We've never really heard of Fred Toliver, but we needed to fill spots and he's black, so guess what? Fred, you win!

FLOYD YOUMANS: Known for doing his Yeoman's share of the work in Montreal, Floyd had several seasons of not-so-bad to mediocre efforts. And that's good enough for us! Welcome aboard Floyd!

RUDY MAY- The picture says it all. He was a pure intimidator, or so we would guess. Sweet glasses, an afro that won't quit! His only flaw of course being that he played for the Yankees. But look at the picture! How could we pass that up! He looks a high school science teacher from the 70s!

ROY LEE JACKSON- With name like Roy Lee Jackson, you know this guy was all business on the mound, and thus must be the perfect set-up man for our squad!

There is not a better black man from the 80s to have at the end of your bullpen. We've always liked Lee, with his squinting and lights-out pitching. He would say, "Spectacles be damned!" Okay that perhaps, never happened. But why else would he be so squinty?!

And there you have an 80s baseball tribute to black history month!

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