Monday, February 12, 2007


Here it is eleven days into black history month and we have not done a thing about it! Don't worry folks we're on it! Here are some great moments in black history:

Yes the group Ladysmith Black Mambazo had knocked down many walls in the way of racial harmony.

Of course this one of the first dances led by an African-American on a half-hour sitcom. Paving the way for, well, okay nothing, but nonetheless a great moment in black history.

This was really what paved the way for black cartoons, like the Boondocks, and such.

This is what paved the way for heavy drug use. You see whilst high, or tripping, this becomes much better. And we owe a lot of today's drug use to that lost black child.

And of course, what can now only be referred to as the "other" Arrested Development, this group tore down racial stereotypes, by rapping about how black people did things that everyday white people did, like playing horseshoes and eating watermelons.

This has been "Bitterness"' loook at great moments in black history!

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