Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Our good friend Billyball celebrated a birthday last week and it escaped
mention here at "Bitterness"! We did wish him
well on his big day,
but as part of our New Year's resolution h
ere at "Bitterness", we are
going to be mentioning our friends' birthdays. As best we can, that is. So
if we missed any in January, a thousand pardons. We'll get better as we go,
we promise!

-- Snow way!
Snow, snow, and more snow! And I'm not talking about Percy, Eric or
Chrissy, either. Now I'm not gonna get too
much into this one, as
Bill covered this pretty well, but you'd think that they'd be
able to do a better job with this in Syracus
e. I'm still fascinated
watching the national news, as they explain lake effect snow, which to
folks in the Northeast is nothing new. I can somewhat understand waiting
to plow until the snow stopped.....if it
wasn't going to be continuous for
like 24 hours! Now, the fact of the matter is, although Syracuse is
usually "snow central", this
has been generally mild,and they've probably
only had to break out the plows, maybe four times at the most. So they
shouldn't be worried about overuse or not being able to foot the bill.
And one more thing.....if they are calling a "state of emergency" (which,
let's face it sounds a lot worse than it
is) and there's to be no
unnecessary travel, why are things like,
the mall, open? Last I checked,
getting to JC Penny for those hot new stre
tch pants doesn't fall in the
category of necessity.

-- Celtic Pride
Celtics Win!! No this is not a typo. After 18 consecutive losses, the
luck of the irish finally kicked in or something? Good thing too, since,
after the All-Star break the Celts face a
daunting west coast road
trip, and could easily have lost like 24 in a row and be line for a pretty
dubious record. This team brings back memori
es of the worst Celtics
team in my lifetime, led by Dana Barros, Pervis Ellison, Marty Conlon
and company. Ah, the glory days. And then, Gerald Green goes and wins the
slam dunk contest. Things are gonna change I can feel it.

-- The "Bitterness" Hubba Bubba NCAA Bubble Watch
It seems to good to be true, but Duke is on
the bubble. Of course they
can just rely on their tradition to get them in. I'm sure they'll still
be like a #4 seed and play their games in Charlotte against ITT Tech
regardless. Unfortunately on the bottom of the bubble lies Syracuse. It
does not look good for the men in Orange. But we did come up with a new
nickname for Paul Harris. Since his initials are P.H., we've dubbed him
the "lithmus test"! We know of someone else with those initials, but he
has a nickname. It'll seem really weird if both Duke and UCONN
miss the tourney. When was the last time that happened? Well we looked
into it and you know it was 1983. That's a long time, folks, but it
would make me ever so happy.


While only 20 teams that have a shot at the
tournament don't compete
in this event, it's
still cool. Plus it gets me to start thinking

teams are better than they are, long before
championship week, allowing me to screw
up my
brackets come tourney time! Of Appalchian
State, Winthrop, and Drexel, I'll probably
pick at least one, to reach the elite eight.
I only really got to catch the last fifteen
minutes of Creighton-Drexel, but that was plenty.
Great stuff. Drexellent, some might say! Seriously
Jitter, are you making those shirts yet?

--How the heck does Wade Phillips keep landing jobs? Well, obviously Jerry
Jones needed a patsy, who he could con
trol....enter Wade Phillips.

--If you like The Band, and you should, there's a new tribute album out
called Endless Highway you should look into. This may have been out for
awhile, but I'm usually pretty behind the times. What?! The Democrats
control Congress? Anyways, check the album out. And I'm not just telling you

this because the first track is Guster covering "This Wheel is on Fire"
either. I telling you because the Band is awesome, even when sung during
karaoke in a bar at Niagara Falls. Dan, Javen, you were there. It was
before I fell into that fountain. The album also includes such artists,
as, Death Cab for Cutie, Jack Johnson, Blues Traveler, and Jakob Dylan.
Here's a little taste. It's better if you've seen "The Last Waltz"

--And if your checking that album out on iTunes, you also consider buying
the first season of "MTV's the State". We here at "Bitterness" are huge
fans and have been for over a decade. We have every episode on VHS,
including the subpar, CBS Halloween special. But sadly, with each play,
the tapes inch just that much closer to death. Now you see if the sales
on iTunes are good enough, they will release it on DVD. Now I will buy
it on iTunes, but I want to watch on my teevee. So please help and support
"the state" and their selling of babies on the blakmarket. If you don't
trust our opinion, you can track down some sketches on YouTube, but not
for much longer, as the fat cats at Viacom keep taking them away. Grrrrr!
Here's a little taste:

The State: Monkey Torture

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--As it is still black history month we thought
we'd honor of few more great black persons that
have inspired us here at "Bitterness". So here
we go- Marsha Warfield, Arsenio Hall, Nipsy Russell,
Pedro Cerrano, the
kid in Cop and a Half, Louis
Gossett Jr., the Sugar Hill Gang, Rosa Parks,
Johnny Cochrane, Tracy Morgan, George Washington
Carver, Carver High School
Basketball, George Foreman,
and Jimmy Walker

-- I think the "Riches" on FX, might not be bad. It's
gotta Eddie Izzard in
it, and he's pretty humorous. Plus
if you were drunk and saw him on the street, you could,
possibly mistake him for Ricky Gervais.

-- 9 days until "Wild Hogs" is out in theaters. Mark your
calendars accordingly.

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  1. Yeah Endless Highway is a great album...you're not that behind on the curve..it just came out. :)