Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Of course you know, we here at "Bitterness" like to be on the cutting edge. We like to be "now" if you would. So when we saw that ESPN Magazine released its "Next" issue, not to be confused with its next issue, which will be the issue after its "Next" issue, which is the current issue, publlished before the next issue and after the previous issue. Got that? Anyway, if you're anything like me, you take all your cues from ESPN and all its subsidiaries, to tell you what is hip and happening. So we here at "Bitterness" decided to have our own "Next" issue. Of course it's not so much an issue, as post. But you get the idea. And away we go!

JeMarcus Russell without a doubt the next Todd Marinovich.

Vince Young has to be the next Ryan Leaf.

Rodney Harrison will be the next NFLer to be arrested.

Al Davis the next to be committed.

Brady Quinn with seasoning, the next Jon Kitna.

Brad Johnson the next to retire.

Terrell Suggs the next Joey Porter.

Joey Porter the next Sportsman of the Year.

Santonio Holmes quietly becoming the next Plaxico Burress.

Dwayne Bowe, quite possibly the next Michael Jackson.

No, not that one, the one who played for the Browns.

Chris Johnson could very well be the next Cleveland Gary.

Kevin Boss, undisputedly the next Marv Cook.

Robert Gallery assuredly the next Brian Bosworth. I know one played defense and the other offense, but I stand by my statement.

Jon Beason hopefully not the next John Offerdahl.

Matt Leinart the next Draft "gem" to fade into obscurity.

Joe Flacco the next Chunky Soup endorser.

Tyler Thigpen the next quarterback to lose his job.

Matt Ware the next....

leader of the free world?

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