Monday, November 17, 2008


What's got Marvin Lewis so darned giddy? Why Roundoffs of course! Cause this week we are going all quotes. We are a huge fan of quotes and hope you are as well. So enjoy. Oh and remember these quotes are 100% real.

  • "Is it going to feel good when you walk through that door? Absolutely."- Mike McCarthy on his love of entering new rooms.
  • "They would be starting if they were good"- Jaguars quarterback David Garrard, who was a backup for his first four seasons.
  • "We stunk it up"- Kyle Orton, on Sunday in Wisconsin.
  • "I've never been in a tie, so I don't know how this works."- Eagles Head Coach after the Eagles tied the Bengals. Well, Andy, the game ends and neither team has more points. Its better than a loss, but worse than a win.
  • "We want to a win a game"- Tyler Thigpen in a statement that, we think, should reassure everyone in Kansas City.
  • "Terrible"- Bengal quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick on ties, or perhaps the entire Bengals season.
  • "Tough outcome"- Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress after being asked what he thought about Kenny Chesney winning the Country Music Award for Best Entertainer for the fourth time in five years,
  • "I was so mad"- Saints quarterback Drew Brees on only throwing for 266 yards.
  • "You can't have an offense that doesn't score points."- Raiders running back Justin Fargas. To which we reply, "Go on."
  • "That was incorrect to have killed it at the point."- referee Scott Green in reference to the original government bailout plan.
  • "You know, its fun."- Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner on doing Mad Libs with his offensive line before games.
  • "This is good for us."- Raiders Head Coach Tom Cable when asked about the plethora of fruit and veggie trays laid out for his squad after the game.
  • "You don't know what a champion is."- Raven Linebacker Ray Lewis to whoever will listen.
  • "We need his legs."- Jon Gruden on possibly letting Jeff Garcia go at some point. Apparently "Chuckie" can let Garcia go, but Jeff will have a hard time taking his sweet gams with him.
  • "Man, I'm tired."- Colts running back Joseph Addai.
  • "Have we failed? Yes. Have I failed? Yes."- Lions Head Coach Rod Marinelli as his alter ego, Captain Obvious.
  • "We dug ourselves a hole."-New England Head Coach Bill Belichik on what he and his team did before the big Jets game to stay loose.
  • "I never even knew it was in the rule book."- Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb on ties. God's honest truth!
  • "I felt like the most awkward individual"- Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo when seeing Jerry Jones gave him an erection.
  • "You know, we haven't made the climb"- Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn whe asked about his promise to take Jason Campbell up Mount Washington.
  • "I'm kind of perplexed by it."- Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett in reference to Rosie O'Donnell getting another show.
  • "Don't be surprised when things like that happen."- 49ers quarterback Shaun Hill when asked about Mike Singletary dropping his pants at unorthodox times.
  • "That was nice today."- an over ecstatic Colts quarterback Peyton Manning after an exciting win against the Texans. The man's a human ball of energy.
And that concludes another action packed edition of Roundoffs!

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