Thursday, November 06, 2008


BRONCOS @ BROWNS: Its here! Its finally here! Brady Quinn is starting! Brady Quinn is starting! I'm not really that excited about it. Unfortunately, against the Broncos defense, the "Medicine Woman" has pretty good chance of looking competent and actually being successful. Drat. But people let's remember that the Broncos defense gives up big plays and lots of points, so if, tomorrow night, the "Medicine Woman" puts up a solid performance, let's not get ahead of ourselves and anoint him the next Bernie Kosar. That's all I'm saying. Broncos 21-17.

JAGUARS @ LIONS: After being without cable for the last eight months, I finally got this joint hooked up. My point? I now have the NFL Network, which means today I was able to watch a replay of Sunday's Bears-Lions game. Jackpot! If you ask me, that's worth the price of admission right there! Who likes extra Lions coverage and has two thumbs? This guy! No more Kitna? No more Cool Whip? Duante Culpepper? Egads! Jags 13-3.

TITANS @ BEARS: This game should be a good old battle of the slobberknockers, slobberknocking it out in the trenches. One group of slobberknocker's gonna out-slobberknocker the other group of slobberknocker's. Bottom line here? Go with the drinker. Titans 17-13.

BILLS @ PATRIOTS: "Sand" Cassel's gonna have to step it up against the Williams defense. With a three way tie atop the AFC East this is a big game for both squads. Should be a good game, and I'm gonna go with the home team on this one. Pats 15-13.

SAINTS @ FALCONS: Matty Ice has been settling into this whole NFL quarterback thing, pretty nicely. The Saints defense should provide little opposition towards his "settling", but
"D-Breezy" and the Saints can put some big numbers. Saints 31-27.

RAVENS @ TEXANS: Are any Texans worthy of drawing Terrell Suggs' ire? We think not. Ravens 24-23.

RAMS @ JETS: Bit of a setback for the Rams last week against the Cards, after they had seemingly, been turning things around. Meanwhile the Jets are as unpredictable as Andy Dick. Broadway Brett has been erratic, wild, and well, pretty much, his usual self. But is anyone having more fun out there? Jets 31-17.

SEAHAWKS @ DOLPHINS: Well, Joey Porter could call a Seahawk wide receiver "soft", but 1) he may not know the names of any of their receivers, and C) I don't think they'd argue. Dolphins 28-20.

PACKERS @ VIKINGS: The Vikings are actually favored in this one. Really? What is that based on? The Vikings' mediocre offense? Inconsistent defense? Abysmal special teams? Hmm? Hmmm? Packers 28-20.

The D'angelo Hall experiment in Oakland has ended. Unfortunately for the Raiders the JaMarcus Russell experiment continues. Panthers 31-15.

The Chiefs are not good. Last week, just when there was a glimmer of hope in Kansas City, the Chiefs blew a big, what most would consider insurmountable, lead against the Bucs. But don't worry Chargers, the Chiefs still have a whole bag of suck left for the rest of the season. Chargers 38-21.

COLTS @ STEELERS: Well I'll tell you this one is a humdinger. A real mystery, wrapped up inside a enigma, rolled in conundrum and deep fried. A real dilly of a pickle for sure. Yeah, I got nothing. Um, Steelers 17-16.

GIANTS @ EAGLES: Its as we get down to this portion of the picks that I start to tire.But I will press on. The Eagles should play this one tight, but will the fans still have their "edge" after that Phillies victory parade? Well, who knows, really? What I do know is the Giants are a well-balanced, efficient, winning machine right now. Giants 20-16.

Right now the Cards seem to be better than every single team in their division. And Steve Breaston "Show" has really blossomed. This one should make for some good booth banter from Tony and the gang. Cardinals 34-14.


  1. For a little bit there, I couldn't comment on your blog. I was lost and confused. GO GIANTS!!

  2. Thank you? I'm a bit lost and confused now, myself. Good to have you back though, we missed your musk. Who's wearing Old Spice?