Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Now we here at "Bitterness" never really get political. We do not like to throw favor towards either party (Republicans are evil). We don't go out and just pepper our fans with one-sided political rhetoric (Vote Obama). We don't want to just insert our political views into random posts (McCain is a mentally unbalanced windbag). We're not here to decide for you (Vote Obama). We don't want to try and influence you in any way, shape or form (You're an idiot if you vote for McCain). And while we know who we're voting for (Obama) we're not gonna bother stuffing it down our readers throats (Barack the vote. Vote Obama. Down with McCain). We will remain politically unbiased to our readers (Vote Obama, vote Obama, vote Obama). And just to further drive this point home, we now offer some light-hearted, perfectly balanced, unbiased political video:

So please get out and vote (for Obama)! It's imperative that you get involved (with helping Obama become President). We here at "Bitterness" want you to make your own decision (to vote for Obama). So go out and Barack the vote!

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