Tuesday, October 21, 2008


That's right folks the first ever " Headline" edition of Roundoffs! You may be asking yourself, "Well, what exactly does that mean?" It means almost literally what it says. The rest of this post will consist only of headlines, relevant to current-ish events. Got that? Okay, you're right, that was not a headline. So we'll start it right, wait for it, now....

  • Red Socked! Rays oust BoSox in Seven!
  • Lewis and Ravens Dine on "Wildcat"
  • St. Louis "Rams" 'Boys 34-10
  • Saints Alive! Panthers Maul N'awlins
  • Winning Not a "Chief" Concern in Kansas City
  • Rays of Hope!
  • Pats Buckin' Broncos
  • Phightin' Phils Phans in a Phrenzy
  • Jim Haslett the Rams Play
  • Manning Goes Down in Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood
  • Raiders Win! Really!
  • Steinbrenner Trying to Help Economy, Looks to Sign Dow Jones to Long Term Deal
  • Ocho Stink-o; Bengals Lose Again
  • Sen. McCain Not Linked to Smiley Fries; Loses Support
  • No Kitna, No Problem! Lions Still Able to Lose!
  • Chargers, Stadium Lose Power
  • ESPN Shows Sporting Events Back-to-Back!
  • Tampa May Not be Melrose's Place
  • Joe Six Pack Calls Out Plumber to Fix Leak
  • Upt-on At Them!
  • Not Singin' the Blues in St. Louis
  • McCain Denies Causing Dinosaur Extinction
  • Ice Capades Cause Riot
  • Breckin Myers' Career Reportedly Still Missing
  • Fox Scrambles to Find Tampa Bay Songs
  • Extra-Orton-ary!
  • Calgary Flame Out?
  • Steelers Get Moore Than They Bargain For
  • "Bitterness" Makes Deadspin!
And there it is, the end of our first ever "Headlines" edition of Roundoffs, hope you've enjoyed and good luck with whatever it is your doing.

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