Wednesday, October 15, 2008


  • What is the record for most pitches in an inning without giving up a run? Cause if Daisuke doesn't hold it, he must be close.
  • Why is Mike Timlin even on the Red Sox playoff roster? Was it that sexy 5.66 E.R.A.?
  • Can anyone stop the Dolphins "Wildcat"?
  • Is Dan Orlovsky even aware of all the rules of football?
  • Was anyone even aware that Dan Orlovsky plays football?
  • Does Brett Favre crap golden eggs?
  • How is it that Tim McCarver seemingly gets stupider by the minute?
  • Was Terry Francona channeling Grady Little in ALCS Game 2?
  • What's better? Dallas losing to Arizona or the Giants losing to the Browns?
  • Or Battlestar Galactica?
  • Does anyone else giggle every time So Taguchi is announced?
  • Did the NFL really almost lose all its winless teams in the same day?
  • Who put the "bop" in the bopshebopshebop?
  • Seriously, who is Dan Orlovsky?
  • Are we really sure you can't script October?
  • Hey, remember a couple weeks ago when the Broncos were "great"?
  • Remember six weeks ago when the Patriots were great?
  • Is it just me, or is a Bills-Titans playoff rematch totally possible?
  • DAN ORLOVSKY?! Anyone?
  • Where is Breckin Meyer?
  • Who's a bigger blowhard John Madden or Tim McCarver?
  • Who is responsible for those ridiculous walkie-talkie cell phones? Cause they need to be talked to!
  • Anyone else find it weird that no one has brought up the Summer Catch connection to the NLCS? I mean Freddie Prinze, Jr. was in the Phils organization, while his nemesis was with the Dodgers organization. Coincidence? Can't we script October?
  • Is anyone else scared that John McCain could be the leader of the free world?
  • Or how 'bout the fact that if he croaks, Sarah Palin would be running the free world?
  • Do you think FOX was so glad to have the NLCS, cause there are no songs about Tampa that they could play over and over when the Rays did stuff?
  • More annoying Bon Jovi's "I Love This Town" or John Cougar Mellencamp's, "This is our Country."?
  • Where's the beef?
  • Is Jim Haslett a good coach?
  • How long before Art Shell takes over in Oakland?
  • Will knowing practically nothing about the NHL actually help my fantasy hockey team?
  • Who shot Laura Palmer?
  • Is Joe Maddon a Mac or a PC?
  • Why do hockey teams leave Canada? I mean baseball teams I can understand, but hockey? Hockey?! Well hopefully they can at least support the Bills.
  • If there's something strange in the neighborhood, who ya gonna call?
  • Why no more Kitna? WHY?!
  • Did Joe Torre drop the ball by starting Derek Lowe on short rest?
  • Is the best financial investment right now buying a large fry at McDonald's?
  • Who is this Dow Jones fella and what's he doing to our money?
  • How is Beverly Hills Chihuahua the number one movie in America?
  • Has it already surpassed the box office numbers for Troop Beverly Hills?
  • When will the madness end?
  • What are the odds of my social security benefits being there when I retire?
Phew! Well that about wraps up this edition of "Roundoffs", hope you enjoyed and if you have answers to any of these "burning questions" please feel free to comment! As for me, I'm gonna make a sandwich and watch my stories.

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  1. True Story, I would often place Dan Orlovsky in the starting lineup when using the Detroit Lions when playing Madden against my buddy Matt. Now, before you cry blasphemy about not using Kitna, a previous matchup against Matt involved a 5 interception game from Kitna, not to mention a few horribly underthrown deep balls. **Sidenote** Actually numbers of picks thrown may very as I was all sauced up at the time.

    Tell you what, if anything that Orlovsky can stretch the field, I think he had an arm strength rating in the mid 60's. He better take those pythons to the vet...cause they're SIIIICK!!! I dunno, I just liked scrambling with him and that's something coming from a guy who likes the classic dropback passer as much as you know I do.