Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Put that Collector's Edition Mama's family DVD down! Its Roundoff time!
  • Mike Singletary, Tecmo legend. Leg-end!
  • What exactly is the record for consecutive days without the media talking about Brett Favre? Zero?
  • Sorry Bills' fans, Warren Sapp said Buffalo is going to the Super Bowl.
  • For my money, it doesn't get much better than the Cowboys relying on Brad Johnson. Oh wait, I stand corrected, they may soon be relying on Brooks Bollinger.
  • And how's about "Cool Whip" bringing the Lions continuously closer to winning a football game, huh? But if the Lions win and no one sees it, does it really count?
  • Bye, bye Ted Cottrell.
  • Can we start calling the Redskins the "Children of the Zorn"?
  • Check out this group of starting quarterbacks on Sunday: Matt Cassel, Seneca Wallace, JT O'Sullivan, Tyler Thigpen, Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  • Ben Roethlisberger would probably serve the Steelers better if he were upright.
  • I don't know about anyone else but I've got the Chiefs-Bengals Week 17 throwdown circled on my calendar.
  • Staph infections; sexier than the bubonic plague?
  • Me thinks Terrell Suggs took some Public Relations courses at Arizona State.
  • Whatever happened to Lee Suggs?
  • If the Bengals and Lions both finish winless, can they please meet at a neutral site during the Super Bowl bye week. Can't be worse than the Pro Bowl.
  • Just can't get enough of that sweet Kerry Collins magic!
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick may not win games, but with a face like this:
who cares? Actually he looks like certain 6'10 guy I know.
  • Jim Zorn and Tom Coughlin in the Octagon. GO!
  • Maybe the Lions should try some sort of promotion, like if you're at Ford Field when they actually win a game, you get to live with Kitna for a week! Or free tix to future game, whatever?
  • Random former player of the week:
Oronde Gadsden
  • Phrase you may never hear uttered by an announcer: There's some more of that Tyler Thigpen mojo! Or...
  • Hines Ward and Terrell Suggs hugging it out! They actually went bowling together last night, after their Bible study group, and before frogurt.
  • I will drink every night until the Lions win a game!
  • So what if I drink every night already?
  • I would say odds are very good that Bill Belichik is not dressing up as a fuzzy pink bunny for the Patriots Halloween party.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know we were going to see "Big Mama's House".

    teehee. everytime!!

    and, what did happen to Orande Gadsen? He wasn't too shabby in those Jay Fiedler years. More importantly, what ever happened to Jay Fiedler?? Something tells me, Insurance Sales. And Ryan Fitzpatrick is an Adonis, but not in a Matt Holliday sort of way. Or was it Clint Barmes?? Hmmm....let me see.