Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well it's been a trying week here at "Bitterness", what with Kitna's season over, the Red Sox season almost over, giving me heart palpitations into the wee hours of the morn and whatnot. So you will have to pardon the lateness and somewhat half-ass-ed-ness of this weeks picks. Of course if you don't there's pretty much nothing I can do about it. So on with the show!

TITANS @ CHIEFS: The Titans seem like the kind of team that will play a solid game week in and week out. The Chiefs seem like the kind of team that will show up in their uniforms week in and week out. Titans 23-3.

CHARGERS @ BILLS: Probably the toughest pick of the week. The Bills have had a couple of weeks to stew on the loss in the Kingdom of the Mighty Cardinal. The Chargers beat up on Matt Cassel making them feel good. In Buffalo, I'll take the Williams 17-13.

STEELERS @ BENGALS: The Ben-gals have not been quiiiiiiiiiiite as bad as that record indicates. The Steelers are coming off a much needed bye week. So, while the Bengals are not quiiiiiiiite as bad as their record, they are still not good, and certainly not up in Pittsburgh's strata. Steelers 21-11.

RED SOX @ RAYS, Game Six: Sawx haven't lost a Game Six since, well the Game Six. Something likes to tell me this magic carpet ride ain't over. Sawx 8-6

RAVENS @ DOLPHINS: The Ravens are reeling after being run up and down the field by Peyton Manning last week, now they face the "wildcat". The "wildcat" is so deadly that both Kareem Abdul Jabbars could end up getting a big run out of it. Dolphins 31-27.

COWBOYS @ RAMS: No Romo, no problem! Dallas has Brad Johnson! He'll make it rain out there! But no Pacman? That's a whole 'nother ball of yarn. So much for laying low and under the radar, huh? You'd have thunk Jerry Jones learned his lesson with Q'bert Davis, back in the day? Guess not. Now while its tough to pick against Jim Haslett, who has not lost a game this season as a head coach, well, actually I guess its not really that tough at all. Cowboys 27-21.

VIKINGS @ BEARS: Well this should be a shootout. NOT! Frerotte vs. Orton? Really? Sadly enough this a battle for the top of the NFC North, which has seemingly been going south. I guess the Bears will win it 21-13.

SAINTS @ PANTHERS: Drew Brees is playin' all ridiculous like, on the real! The Panthers got served last week against Tampa Bay. So without a doubt I'm gonna have to go with the Saints 31-20.

49ERS @ GIANTS: G-men should bounce back, but who knows? Jitter O'Sullivan is feisty, FEISTY, I say! Plus if Mike Nolan's not on the hot seat, the maitre d's about ready to show him to it. Giants 21-17.

LIONS @ TEXANS: Well, if you can't say anything nice.........Texans 35-12.

RAIDERS @ JETS: Wow, Tom Cable really got his team fired up for last week's game. Art Shell stay by your phone! Now, I am by no means an NFL, or for that matter football, expert, but I'm guessing not a lot of winning teams have had QBs who are excited just to complete half of their passes. Jets 28-7.

BROWNS @ REDSKINS: Hmm, these teams were kind of on opposite ends of the spectrum last week. I'm gonna pull out the transitive property for this one. Giants beat 'Skins, Browns beat Giants. Plus, after losing to the Rams you've gotta earn your way back into our good graces! Browns 21-17.

COLTS @ PACKERS: Are the Colts really back? I mean they did torch one of the best defenses in the league. And there's that whole Packers not being intimidating thing. I'm thinking Colts 28-14.

SEAHAWKS @ BUCCANEERS: If there's any better reason to hope for an ALCS Game 7, I can't think of it. The Seahawks are actually already losing 10-0. Bucs 24-7.

BRONCOS @ PATRIOTS: As a starter Matt Cassel seems to win like every other week. Something tells me that'll change this week. And that something my be indigestion from that chili I just ate. We may never know. Broncos 23-13.

RED SOX @ RAYS, Game 7: Jonny Lester rebound game and here come the Sawx once again. Big night for Pedroia the Destroyah, Sawx 8-1.

Well there ya have it! Good night and good luck.

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