Friday, October 03, 2008


15. Roy Williams to the 'Boys rumor: Terrible, terrible idea! That ruins any chance of Roy Williams covering Roy Williams in a game.

14. The Mets bullpen: Alright, I know I just had Keith Hernandez make amends to Mets fans for us, but this was written before that. And honestly, tell me its not true Mets fans. G'head.

13. Derek Anderson's "swagger": Mr. Anderson told Peter King, that this was all it took to get their swagger back. Um, they beat the Bengals by 1. I think derek and I have altogether different definitions of the term "swagger".

12. Travis Henry: If he goes to jail, what happens to the 9 kids owed child support? Is is just me or will the Buffalo High School football programs be domoninant in like 11 years?

11. Lawrence "Police Blotter" Phillips: Man if a warden can get Rae Carruth, Travis Henry and LP in the same cage as Mike Vick, I'm thinking ESPN reality show! And it'll be called The Shortest Yard.

10. Griese bandwagon: Everyone was all over him after his "big day" against the Bears. But what they fail to highlight, is the three inrterceptions he threw or that he completed barely over 50% of his passes.

9. Jets throwback uniforms: Good gawd! talk about atrocious personified! What's the point of this? Besides making money, hmmm?

8. Eagles goal line plunge: Where's the naked bootleg when you need it?!

7. Browns-Bengals: I don't even want to think about it anymore.

6. Terrell Owens: T.O. wants the ball more. What is he Keyshwan Johnson? By the way, if you haven't already read this somehwhere, his number was called on about a third of the Cowboys snaps last week. The only way he's probably getting more touches, is if he lines up under center.

5. Matt Millen: The best line I heard about this, and sorry I forget where I read it, was something along the line of, "The worst part will be what happens when he tells Webster and Ma'am." Kudos!

4. Lane Kiffin: If you look deep, he really wasn't doing that poorly. But he makes the FFF cause I really don't htink he was even trying for the last couple of weeks.

3. Scott Linehan: I know it was inevitable that he would get fired and wanted to stir things up, but benching your QB and causing a virtual player mutiny, probably not the best plan of attack.

2. Al Davis: Are we even sure he's actually alive?

1. Rams: Okay, I understand letting Linehan go, but Jim Haslett?! He seems like a decent guy and at the very least he did not run the Saints franchise into the ground, but how did he win this "choice" job? His defense is giving up roughly 75 points a game, give or take 40 points. Apparently Rich Kotite and Bruce Coslett don't return phone calls?

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